Thursday, January 21, 2010

What are some characteristics of a good parent?

I am taking a research class and would like people to list as many characteristics as possible. Thank you!What are some characteristics of a good parent?
1. BE CONSISTENT---a good parent will correct a child each time that child does the same thing wrong---the parent will not correct him once and then NOT the next time....

2. Unconditional love---you can't tell your child that unless he gets his hair cut the way YOU want it that he is not allowed back into your love this child long hair or short---pants that look like they are about to fall off or not.. All kids try different hair styles, clothes, to try to find out who THEY are---if your son comes home all GOTHed up, leave him be as long as you believe him to be a good kid----it's a fad and fads FADE....

3. NEVER MAKE A PROMISE YOU CAN'T KEEP..... that's a biggie!!!! Kids have to know that their parents mean what they say----if they say they will BE somewhere for the kid and they do not show, the kid deservingly gets upset and HURT....

4. NEVER give the child a PUNISHMENT you can't follow through with---and NEVER go against the OTHER parent when they discipline a child (unless that other parent is BEATING or abusing the child)... in other words---Mom grounds her 12 year old daughter for taking the car keys and driving the car around the block---Dad comes home---LAUGHS at what the daughter did and tells his daughter she CAN go to the mall or whatever.... NOT GOOD PARENTING---

5. Do as you SAY, not as you DO....don't tell a kid he can't smoke and drink and then go sit in the living room with a butt hanging out of your mouth and a beer for each hand...that is NOT setting a good example for your child.

6. BELIEVE IN YOUR CHILDREN.... almost as big as # 3, but if your child tells you something, don't always assume he or she is LYING to you.... but, if you DO this and find out the child was being TRUTHFUL, ALWAYS APOLOGIZE.... parents aren't perfect any more then kids are---....What are some characteristics of a good parent?

Makes a safe environment

Builds self esteem

Provides a good diet

Sets reasonable limits

Reads to their child

Plays with their child

Instills values

Is consistent

Encourages their child's dreams


Expresses love verbally and demonstratively

Respects a child's individuality

Kisses a boo boo
A good parent should let their child fail! Failure is a learning experience.

Here are a few examples:

Don't do their homework.

Don't talk to the coach so they can play.

Do give them guidance on how to succeed and comfort them when they fail.

Teach them that failure is a part of life and that EVERYONE fails. Don't give in so much to the ';self esteem'; that you don't teach them how to handle things when they go wrong.
Someone who follows through on what they say, someone who is a good example/does that which they tell their children to do, one who spends a lot of time with their children
Good parents will GUIDE you, but will not try to force their own views on you. We all need to follow our own roads and learn our own lessons, so good parents will tell their children to seek their own paths. However, because parents have ';been there and done that';, it's wise of them to alert their kids to the pitfalls of life, and to offer advice, protection and help when it's needed. If kids are guided through their formative years by wise parents, they will end up with confidence and a healthy sense of self...not just mirror images of the parents.

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