Thursday, January 21, 2010

What are the benefits of student-led parent conferences?

What are the benefits of student-led parent conferences?

I'm a teacher and I'm just wondering. I've heard about student-led conferences using powerpoint slides but I'm not really sure how to that with kindergartners. Did it work for any of you?What are the benefits of student-led parent conferences?
I can see that it might make students take the value of their work more seriously.

As a parent, however, I hate them. I really want to use the 10 minutes I am allowed with the teacher to find out how my kids are REALLY doing. I find that sometimes you want to talk to the teacher without your child there, especially if they are having soical concerns. I often go to the ';child led'; conference, and then call the school to book another meeting with the teacher or Learning Resource Teacher.What are the benefits of student-led parent conferences?
isnt that where the parents have all control over their childs progress and future choices?
Powerpoint for kindergartners?????

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of!!!!!

No, it's not going to work, ;but I certainly want some of whatever the person who came up with this idea was smoking.
Don't know of any. Students need to be students, parents are their advocates, and teachers ought to teach. Parents can and should inquire about the progress of their child. Teachers should readily notify the parents of concerns with the student. Students should live, grow and learn.
With kindergardeners? Well, maybe just have lots of open space and stations and the kid can walk around telling their parents what happens. There can also be a place where teachers can just sit and answer questions or have a conference upon the parent's request.
It's already hard enough to convey to parents necessary info about their kids, as they bring the kid in and often all the other siblings. I think it would be much more work than the actual value, for kdg. That would take so much time and work to produce, that teaching time may be wasted.
Well being a student myself, Student- lead conf. worked out fine. For me to build confidence, in front of peole I trust and would give me constructive critisim.

As for kinders i'd say it's to early and still their attn span is improving they need to focus on that then in about 1 and 2 grade teach them the way to perfect english and speech which should include presentations and socially active roles and group discussions. But don't over-do it too

Good luck and hopefully you understand the point of view of a student.
i dont know

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