Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is the best way to convice a parent to let me get my septum pierced?

I am 14 and I want to get my septum pierced. My mother is against all thoughts of any abnormal piercings, I have 4 piercing but they are all on my ears. When ever I bring it up she flips, what can I do to change her thoughts on it?What is the best way to convice a parent to let me get my septum pierced?
theres no good way, it scars your face for life. wait 4 more years and do it on your ownWhat is the best way to convice a parent to let me get my septum pierced?
I doubt you're going to change her mind, but you could tell her that any scarring will be invisible, since it's inside of your nose, and with a retainer, you can make the piercing completely disappear. I've had mine pierced since I was 20, and while my parents had no say in it, I know they don't like stuff like that so much, so I always wore my retainer flipped up when I went home. They didn't find out about it for ages, until I came back from Europe and didn't have a way to put in my retainer.

If you want a facial piercing that won't leave any kind of scar and is easy to hide, a septum is the best one to get. If she won't change her mind, though, there's nothing you can do until you're 18, sorry.
your only 14 i can see why your mother would be against it. I got my first body piercing when i was 14 and i wish i had waited, your still growing and your still at school. i can see how much you would want it, they are cool, but i think it would be best if you waited till you where at least 16, then at least you can show your mother your serious about wanting it doing.
You can't change her thoughts.

Becoming 18 won't even magically still change her thoughts, she'll still hate them only there is nothing she can do about it. If she's a good mom, she'll understand though.

I got my septum pierced today and have many other piercings. This one was the most shocking to my's a piece of jewelry right in the middle of your face. It's not something discrete like a nose piercing. Luckily, my parents understand that I like piercings and they are cool with it...but they still hate how it looks. They rather me get a piercing that can close up than a tattoo that is there forever.

Respect your mom and just wait it out. Don't keep nagging her about it.
there is NO WAY to change her mind, sorry kid its true. wait until you're legally allowed to. you're 14, chances are, you're going to change your mind by then anyway. and dont ever try and attempt to do it yourself, you'll **** up. trust me
Tell her you think you're mature enough and that you're ready. If she's really that against it just keep bringing it up and talk to her about it.

That's what I did every time my parents were against something. XD If you're 18 then just go get it done anyway. :D
Why are you tryign to be so different.

How about instead of trying to make your outer appearence so shocking. Try studying and become talented and outstanding at something that is useful. Wow, get a life.
wait till your 18 and get it done then i guess. or tell her its your body and you really want it done, maybe as a b-day present or something.. make some sort of deal e.g youl pay for it and i dunoo.. do tons of chores or something.
show her that you are mature enough to make your own decisions and that you really want to do this.
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