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How do I tell my parent i wanna get on birth control?

I am having sex and i don't plan on having kids for a while. I am 17 and wanna get on birth control but my parents don't know i am having sex. I thought about lying and saying i want it for my mood when im on my period but i don't wanna lie to them. How should I tell them or ask them?How do I tell my parent i wanna get on birth control?
Just tell them that you want to go on Birth control pills. When they ask you why, tell them straight up that you are sexually active. It's embarrassing, and they may be a bit upset. But in the end, they should see it as you doing the responsible thing. And respect you for that. If you are really unsure about telling them, just make an appointment for yourself at a clinic. They can give you a prescription for the pills and you can pick them up. It's confidential.

Good luck!How do I tell my parent i wanna get on birth control?
Birth control is NOT a license to have sex and ';stay safe';. I've known several women who have gotten pregnent while on birth control (and they were using correctly).

Birth control is for women who would like to delay getting pregnant, but can handle the responsibilites that sex can bring about.

So if you are in a situation where you are not responsible enought to handle pregnancy, then you are not in a position to be sexually active, with or without birth control.

Even if your parents allowed you to go on birth control, continuing to be sexually active is still going to be a game of russian rulette.
Be honest and say you are considering sex and want to get on birth control so you don't end up pregnant. I'm glad you don't want to lie to them, because in this situation, they would eventually find out.

Also, I would recommend not having sex until you want kids. My best friend got pregnant with BOTH her kids while on the pill. Crazy, but it can and does happen. Sex is more than just a physical act, and unless you are prepared for the emotions, STD's and pregnancy, I would stay away from it. I wish someone would have told me that! There are other ways to be intimate and have a great time with your bf than resorting to sex. Plus, if he really cares about you, then he would not be having sex with you in light of the fact that a girl has to deal with a whole lot more in the event of a pregnancy. If a guy can be patient with you in reguards to sex, it's a good sign of his character as well as proof that he loves you for you, and not your smokin hot bod ;]

All in all, just remain honest with your parents and keep that line of communication open. Trust me, it doesn't take a mother long to notice when her daughter is having sex. Some of the signs are pretty obvious and it would be better to let her know that you trust her enough to talk with her about it, rather than try to sneak around and risk your relationship with her as well as your privelages of being a teen... such as driving and going out with friends.

Good luck hun, and remember to respect yourself and your body. Nothing is worse than a pregnancy scare when your not ready!!!
I don't know where you are from but there are many clinics that will service a sexually active teen without a parent being present. When I was 17 I went to planned parenthood and got an exam and birth control for free without my mom, so I guess what i'm saying is you could take care of the situation on your own. Try calling 211 to get some numbers to free clinics.
It is always hard talking about sex with your parents. If you don't want to lie to your parents that shows you have a good relationship. Sit down and have a good conversation, it wont be easy to start with but you will feel much better once you have done it!

Well done you for thinking on precautions just don't forget to use condom as well as the pill as contraceptives don't protect you from STDs.
The way you should do it is to be upfront and honest, however, if this is not possible, try telling them that you have really bad periods and need to go on the pill to help regulate them. Failing that, you can just speak to your doctor, he can give them to you without informing your parents. You are old enough (I am talking UK law, if your in the US, you will have to check that)

Hope this helps. Good luck
You just tell them. There's no easy way. Have a sit down with Mom and explain I'm sure the anticipation is worse than the actually conversation will be. Your Moms been 17 before. Also remember birth control doesn't prevent anything other than getting pregnant. use other precautions to prevent STD's.
It's easier said than done, isn't it? Everyone is right, there are different clinics that you can go to, including your own physician. Your health information is confidential. There are laws that protect your ';Protected Health Information'; (PHI).

Anyways, even if you don't want to spill your guts and give ALL of the details to your Mom, she'll get it. You should still explain to them that you are at that age where things can happened unplanned, therefore you would like to protect yourself. Just be prepared to answer all the w's: who? what? when? where? why?..and sometimes the ';h'; Good luck.
well in some places u can go to the health department and get them without ur parents knowledge. however, i think that you should fill ur parents in. im sure they r wondering about that anyway and if u tell them you want to be on birth control they will help u get it because they dont want u pregnant either im sure! they will respect u for being honest and responsible
well i would not tell them because that is comething personal on me. I dont think you are doing bad as for other people they dont protect them selves its good to know that you care about your self and you thinking good. But if you do wanto tell your parents that's up to you .

you should sit them down in the living room and tell them that you need to talk with them once you tell them you are having sex and you want to go on birth control you will feel so much better then you do right now
Go to planned parenthood and get the pill without asking your parents. Or, just tell them. It is better you talk to them and get bc than to say nothing. They will get over it.
you can get it with out telling them.
Do it behind their back! Why worry about doing it behind their back when you are literally DOING IT behind their back
umm you don't.. your 17.. go to the doctor and get on birth control.... i had my own house and a kid at your age honey.
go speak to the gp ,its pateint confidentallity ,they can advise u
just tell them or take yourself to a clinic

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