Friday, January 15, 2010

What dog myth did your parent have you believe about dogs when you were young?

For me it was (My Mum told me this when we were young)

You can't give a dog chocolate because it can't brush it's teeth.

I have never given a dog chocolate because of this. Thank God, and I had no idea it could kill them. :)What dog myth did your parent have you believe about dogs when you were young?
That they got worms from eating potatoes.

I am betting that someone way-back-when, gave their dogs fried potatoes, and they expelled worms the following day..( because of the excess stomach acids while digesting grease)

I still hear that as still a common belief amongst some people.What dog myth did your parent have you believe about dogs when you were young?
We didn't have dogs growing up, we had cats. My parent never told me anything one way or the other. However, as a very young child I thought that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls (odd since our cat was a male named Henry). I guess I wasn't a very bright child. I also used crayons to make our black and white TV a colored TV.
Grapes are toxic to doggies too..NEVER give a dog grapes..It causes kidney failure...

The foods that can kill your dog...

Good luck and so glad you listened to your mum...
That dogs would get worms if you fed them candy.
dogs have puppies when the stalk flys past
dogs are allergic to crisps
They will die if they drink out of puddles!
Growing up on a farm, my parents were always very straight-forward with why animals were cared for in a specific way, treated certain ways, and how to read the animal's body language.

I didn't get any of the ';myths'; or false reasons for things, just the facts.

omg i was jus talkin 2 my mom about this the other day!

my parents use to tell me that if i were approached by a dog that was aggressive, i should look at the sky, so the dog would get distracted and look too. and if it started attacking i should never run away cuz it would chase me.

u can imagine the bad experiences i had taking their advice. but now i know the correct way to handle this situation.

they also told me a myth about cats. my mom was pregnant with my sister and they made me get rid of my 1st cat because they thought it would hurt my mom! now i kno that that is only true if the cat is sick with toxoplasmosis or watever AND if the pregnant women cleans the litter box.


by the way, great question, very original. mind if i steal it?
Well, my friend's mom tried to convince me that not every dog could turn around and bite you.

Guess what happened a few months later? Her dog turned around and bit me.

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