Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What type of parent would deliberately teach their kid to hate people based on skin color?

That's insane and borders on child abuse. What an awful and sad family to grow up in.What type of parent would deliberately teach their kid to hate people based on skin color?
I am a white man from Mississippi and grew up with many black friends.It's funny that you would ask this question because I had a similar discussion with one of my black friends some years ago.

It seems there are actually more than one answer to your question.

Lets start with white children since you are most likely aiming this at the white race.

If you come from a poor white family from the south and your father believes he can't advance in his job because the higher ups are afraid to advance a white man over a black man then,,,you are more likely to hear more derogatory things at home about the blacks which will give you the idea that it's us against them and reverse discrimination is a way of life in some parts of the south.So you could say you are being taught to be a hater by just hearing what your parents blame their problems on.

Now, in most cases where there are poor black people, their children hear their parents talk the same way about whites.It's the whites that are holding them back.

In either case,the majority,not all,but the majority of the children that learn to hate is not a deliberate thing. It' just something they grow up hearing and therefor that's the way they end up thinking.What type of parent would deliberately teach their kid to hate people based on skin color?
A parent whose parent taught them whose parent taught them........

And so the cycle continues unless/until society no longer condones this attitude. The US is not yet there as we will see in the primary voting and perhaps the general election.
Well, this could happen with a black parent who lives in poverty and believes that the white man is to blame for their situation, or it could be a white parent who is unemployed and believes they can't get a job because of affirmative action.

So, it happens in every race of people and is completely disgusting, but it does happen. Most of the people that feel this way are just simply uneducated.
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Terrible ones.
I personally would not but its their kids they can raise them any way they want. I send my kids to Catholic school some would say that's wrong. leave the parenting to the parents
You can't teach what you don't believe in. Parents who are insecure have nothing to teach their children and therefore can blame those of different skin color for their shortcomings. Don't be surprised. I ahve seen parents teach their children how to roll and smoke marijuana or how to have sex (with the mother as the live model). And yes, what an awful home to grow up in?

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