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What can a parent do to prevent a 17 year old male from seeing a 25 year old female?

A 25 year old female crossed state lines into texas and spent three days in hotel with a 17 year old male without the knowledge or consent of his parents. Are there any laaws to prevent this or prosecute her.What can a parent do to prevent a 17 year old male from seeing a 25 year old female?
No, as someone else said, the age of consent in Texas is 17 years old. So them having a sexual relationship is normal (though a bit creepy...most 25 year old females have no interest in 25 year old males...let alone 17 year old males).

The police if they had the motivation might be able to get her on technically if she provides him with alcohol, allows him to stay out past curfew, helps him skip school, ect. But these are relatively minor violations of the law and probably wouldn't end the relationship.

What the parents can do is not let him leave the house with her. If he does so, the police can compel him to return (parents house, their rules sort of deal...since he is under 18, they still have rights to set rules, curfews, ect for him). But the police probably aren't too interested in looking for a 17 year old that is having a legal relationship.What can a parent do to prevent a 17 year old male from seeing a 25 year old female?
I am with Joe B. on this matter. My thoughts are along the same line.
I don't believe so but you have to check the laws in the state where it happened, as for having sex most states if not all give the age of consent at 16
Age of consent in Texas is 17, so I doubt that there would be much prosecution.
It's not worth it. If you try and split them up this late in his teen years, you'll serve only to destroy your relationship with your teen son. My mom tried this when I was 17 in a sexual relationship with an 18-year old girl (who I'm engaged to) and it destroyed our relationship. I went to live with the girl, and despite any legal action my mother tried to take, my girlfriend and I are still very strong together, and my mother and I have a very strained relationship now. Don't waste your time. You'll regret it.
Well,'s against the law...if they had sexual relations it was rape on her part whether he consented to it or not. Especially with the eight year age difference. She could probably be charged with the following:


Having sex with a minor

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Child molestation
c on hes almost 18 years old hes not going to be a minor anymore .
Did she cross state lines to come to him or did they do it together? I think if they did it together, that might be considering kidnapping. Depending on what your state laws are, if she did enter into a sexual realtionship with this minor, she might be prosecuted for it. I know in my state the age of consent is 16 and they can be no more than 2 years older than you.
Start talking about how much you like your future daughter-in-law with him.

Really, they might be made for each other.
Bring a very very costly Court Injunction and solicit a Restraining Order against the female that will expire on his 18th Birthday anyway .

Don't waste your time or $$$$$$

';And'; you had better have a very very good reason or you'll be counter-sued up the Wazoo!
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