Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How should a parent handle a teen who is expelled from two different high schools?

How should the parent handle the situation? Should the parent yell, or should the parent talk to the teen calmly? Opinions, pleaseHow should a parent handle a teen who is expelled from two different high schools?
find out why they were expelled?

were they acting up?

were they always being the clas clown?

did they get good grades or are they struggling to keep up?

Are they acting up BECAUSE they are struggling?

Find out why they are struggling and get it remedied if at all possible. Maybe they have an undiagnosed learning disorder. Maybe they are very smart and just BORED in class.

Hitting and yelling does not help. You will just create an angry resentful teenager who hates you even more.

Please TALK to them and ask questions and tell then that you GENUINELY want to help.

BUT first you must apologise for any previous yelling or hitting you may have done. That will go a long way to getting them talk to you.How should a parent handle a teen who is expelled from two different high schools?
Talking calmly is always the answer. Yelling only causes the teen and the parent to argue rather than have a conversation, it gets to the point where the teen feels not heard.

See if there are any alternative schools in your area, I went to one here. I wasn't expelled, I hated school and dropped out for a semester, I went to alternative night school and ended up graduating before my class and realized I didn't hate school, I was just bored because I learned more quickly.
Well it's your decision to make, your the one who knows how the teen will react the best. They can take it two ways: maturely discussion, or the ';yelling'; treatment. Maybe the teen finds school a hard, and awkward place to be. It can be stressful for many students, some find it hard to interact with other students, they may find they don't fit in with the others in the school. I'd say you should calmly dig beyond the situation, talk to your child, see what's wrong. It may be a problem that can be easily resolved, people can feel a whole lot better getting something off their chests.
Send him/her to military school. Problem solved. This child hasn't learned a lesson yet and thinks it's appropriate to behave inappropriately. Therefore, this child needs to go to a school which is suited to dealing with kids like your child. Your child could also benefit from therapy. I'd maybe also ask about alternative high schools for kids like your kid.
Maybe theres something that's preoccupying the teen, that hes not telling you.

Could have something to do with grades? Family? Friends? Girl or boy ?

Talk to him/her calmly but still give him/her space.

They probably open up to you, admitting flaws is hard.

Thats why they need space.

And maybe they'll fix the problem on their own.

show them its not about them and tell them to straighten up

if they never reacted to your harsh punishment maybe they never took you seriously

show them you mean it

dont chicken out

show them Jesus

he can smooth things out if you cant
beat there ***, yell at them, take their phone and/or car away until they straighten out. im in school and if that ever happened to be my mom would kill me also drug test them you never know
beat the **** out of em. sounds like ure being too soft and your kid will never learn. start hitting the kid! they claim its illegal, but its really not when most parents do it. teach that kid who's boss
take every single thing away from him except his bed,clothes,and toothbrush dont let him eat the foods he likes neither ...see how he acts then
Talk to them calmly ............That sounds like this kid named Edwin at my school same thing happend to him ...WEIRD!!!!!!!
suspended 2x ..the damage is cant go back and fix all those yrs now
take away there car and any thing they like.
whoop his or her azz
send them to a boarding school!

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