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What does a parent need to do to homeschool?

I currently live in Texas, and my mom is not a certified teacher. I've looked up sites with people asking how to home school and they say ';buy books an teach';. So I'm wondering does my mom need to be a teacher to home school me? I'm in my Junior year and am wondering if we can just buy books and she can teach me at home? If she can, how do i get a high school dimploma?What does a parent need to do to homeschool?
No, she doesn't have to be a teacher to home school .

You do just buy the books and get started ..

you get your diploma through the school you bought the books from

They should have a test at the end or some of them just require sending in the grades.What does a parent need to do to homeschool?
Texas has superbly relaxed laws. ANYBODY can run a private school and that is what all homeschoolers are considered. You can use whatever books you want. Your mom might not be able to ';teach'; you per se, but you could definitely find resources from which you'd be able to learn or that would do the teaching for her.

For the diploma, she would need to determine the criteria for graduation, set up a transcript and award you credits for the completion of coursework.

ADDED: Regarding those who said you need to go through a school and do tests through a school and all that, you do NOT need to do that in Texas. The only tests you'd have to do would be what your mom made you do or SATs/ACTs to get into college.
Coming from a Texas homeschooler - no, your parents do NOT need to be teachers to homeschool you and yes, they can just ';buy books and teach';. Texas is one of the easiest states to homeschool in - no testing, no oversight, no regulation, no curriculum approval, ... All your folks need to do is send a withdrawal letter to your school (via certified mail, return receipt requested) and keep you home the next day.

For more info, check out the Texas Homeschool Coalition Association (THSC) website (see below) or do a search for a homeschool group in your area and talk to homeschoolers near you. I would strongly recommend AGAINST talking to anyone at the school as most administrators are ill-informed of the laws governing homeschooling in Texas and may give you inaccurate information.
i suggest starting an online program near you.
Every state is different in what they require a parent to do - some even state you can only teach up to your level of education (so if you only completed the 10th grade you can only teach your child up to the tenth). Check out HomeschoolLeagalDefense Assoc (I think the web is but I'm not certain). Some states require the parent to still submit periodic tests and such, the overal result is equivelant to a GED - BUT many colleges will look more at the enterance exams and essays for homeschoolers since they often have more education under their belts.

Good Luck!
I 'm not sure about Texas, But In NC The person / teacher must have a 4 yr degree. The teacher must register with the state. In order to make sure you stay current /enough credits.
There are alot of computer internet sites now that you can do the home schooling through and you need to go to your county and take a test once a year to make sure you are on track grade wise.
No she does not need to be a certified teacher. You need to contact your school , they give you necessary paperwork,you purchase the books. You then submit an outline of what you plan to be taught (the parent does this). You also must have tests administered by the homeschooler. The school board reviews what the teaching plan is, oks it, etc. You must supply them with copies of tests, work, etc. They can explain about the diploma also.

Homeschooling must be approved by the school board for you. Look into it. It requires a lot of work, and planning. Good luck

Also, they are schools that ';homeschool you via the internet'; - for a fee. these are accredited and certified teachers. A very good second choice. Takes a lot of the paperwork, planning, etc. of the parents. You can proceed a pace for you and also earn a college degree if you can handle the work.
ur mom wil have to go to the local education burel. and fill out papers.. i use an online course. its connections academy. they sent me a computer and all the books i need to ue. i am in 11 grade. no she dont need to be a teacher
You don't have to be a teacher to homeschool as far as I know, but different states do have different laws. You do have to buy the text books and you most likely have to pass a test to get your diploma. I would just go to regular high school, unless there is a medical condition stopping you. It is critical that you gain the socialization, and especially in your later years in high school, getting into college and finding scholarships will be slightly easier with the help of a guidance counselor. I knew someone who was homeschooled and as a result he was two years behind when he rejoined public school. It seems you are the one who is doing all the research about homeschooling though. Is your mom even willing to homeschool you?
a parent needs to be insane
go to your board of education there. they should set you up, or they will give you answer where to get home school information

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