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What should a parent do to improve the problem of childhood obesity?

My brother's child is 9 years old and rapidly becoming obese. They have taken him to doctors and have even put him a special diet for a year. What can the parents do to help the situation?

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TomWhat should a parent do to improve the problem of childhood obesity?
Its the parents job to mold their child. If their child is fat, it is the fault of the parents. Rather than dieting, I say let the children eat all their want. There will be a time in the child life, when a child needs to learn to be responsible for their own action/health. Blame the child, not the parentsWhat should a parent do to improve the problem of childhood obesity?
think of him as a rechargeable battery if you over charge the battery will fail to work properly and till die. if you keep it charged with the correct voltage and the right amps then he WILL have the energy required to have a long life.

please dont apply electric to you son
Since he is so young, go for stretching rather than losing weight. My 12 year old son is the same weight that he was when he was nine years old and is now 6 inches taller! I was careful to not put him on formal diets and never criticized him for being overweight. I simply did not keep any junk food in the house and cooked him proper meals. He sometimes eats sweets or chips when we are out but this is only sometimes. I basically tried to not make a big deal out of his weight problem and tried to make changes that he did not notice. He now works out at the gym with my daughter and myself because he does not enjoy team sports. Also, my daughter and myself worked hard to make sure that his hair was combed and that his clothing looked nice. He now has a much better self image. Good luck and I hope this helps.

P.S. Tell insensitive critical relatives and friends to shut up!
what else other than follow the diet and keep the bad foods out of the house.

If the parents don't play along and eat healthy too.. they'll just alienate the poor kid and he'll rebel.
Low cal diet, lots of exercise for all family members, monitor the TV and video game usage. Fast food is OUT!!! If he has to have it, limit it to once every three months or so. That goes for the whole family! Even a walk at night would benefit everyone, including the child!~
don't buy junk food or cokes, limit his amount of money so he cant buy them, exercise as a family( it will do everyone good) don't treat it as a diet just for him, the whole family needs to eat the same stuff. if this is not working have his thyroid tested. switch to whole grains really it is a whole life style change.
the parent should buy healthier food instead of junk and encourage their kid to exercise more and also join a school sport. they should teach their kids about good health and also set an example.
stop feeding him high calorie food.
I think the best way to influence a child is to live by example. It would be easier for him to adopt a new way of life if they all took part in healthy cooking and exercise.

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