Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is the responsibility of a parent to a 19 year old living away from home?

I have a 19 year old who wants to get an apartment, what are my responsibilities as her parent?What is the responsibility of a parent to a 19 year old living away from home?
Emotional support and love. Offer to help her move, maybe? Buy her a housewarming gift?What is the responsibility of a parent to a 19 year old living away from home?
depends on what kind of parent you are, mostly though you need to let her go, and let her find her own way even if she falls on her face. Be there to support her, and help her only if she truly needs it, and I mean truly as in she gets in over her head.

otherwise, help her move, and buy her some food for her new place.
Your responsibility is to wish her well. She is of age and if she feels she has the means to move out then good for her. You shouldn't be supporting her financially once she's out of your home. Offer advice if she asks but don't meddle. As cliche as it sounds, this is her time to spread her wings and fly.
love and support..maybe show her how to budget her money if she doesn't know how to, and maybe help her pick out a place that is with in her price range.

It's not your ';responsibility'; but maybe help her out a little bit by giving her old pots and pans, dishes, silver wear, and maybe help her find some old furniture, etc.
i would just help her look for one if she wants help that is. In australia a person is an adult is 18.

I found my own place but my mum was very exited and helped me go shopping for household items which was fun, and reminded me (although i new already) to connect the water and power lol.
You've been her mom for 19 years. Don't panic, you'll know what to do.

Just remember to be honest and upfront with her and hopefully you two can continue to have a great relationship.

Step in when you feel she needs you but, don't baby her. She thinks she's ready to be independent so let her have a go at it.
Help her find an apartment , sit her down and have a financial talk with her. Teach her the technique of budgeting. And be there for her when she needs to call ya or swing by and eat when she can't afford a meal. lol. My Momma always made me dinners when I first moved out
Support her/him in her/him decisions, listen without passing judgment, and don't just listen actually hear her/him before cutting them off. Just pass on your wisdom and prayer does not help either.
love, support....anything else is pretty much optional after they are 18 and on their own, but a parent should ALWAYS love and support their child in whatever they do, no matter their age.
You do not have any. She is an adult and she is responsible for herself. If you want to help her that is up to you.
Nothing. A parent should still be providing love and emotional support but anything more is optional.
She is a legal adult. none.

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