Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is it like when a parent is so drunk they don't know what they are doing ?

You are a child. You are a teen. Your mother or father is drunk.

So inhebriated (sp?) that they are pulling knives out of drawers and running around the house after you. They are yelling, screaming, and you never get any sleep, go to school either hungry and tired, with no homework done. What about if they have a gun in the house. Or maybe the screaming and demeaning goes on all of your life. What do you do, when noone will help (usually because of money, or that the parent

can get up go to work and start the cycle at home again. What do you do?What is it like when a parent is so drunk they don't know what they are doing ?
Call child protective services. If you are not actually being physically abused, you certainly are being abused mentally. Parents that act in such a manor are not fit to raise children.What is it like when a parent is so drunk they don't know what they are doing ?
The best way should be to avoid living together with such parents.Take some relatives or well wishers help and stay away from the troublesome parents.

There are legal remedies.A child alone cannot handle legal and safety issues independently.There are NGOs to help children under abuse.Governments also have department to look after the welfare of children.The child concerned should try to get in touch with them as early as possible.
Do what David Hasselhoff's daughter tape it and post it on YouTube.

But seriously...set up a video camera and give it to the cops.
a friend of mine grew up like that -- he is kind of scarred for life. dad used to pull guns out and point them at the kids. he kind of resents his mom for doing nothing and remarrying another pyschopath.

all i ever did was have to help a friend undress his mom and put her in bed -- that was traumatic enough.
You deal with it, like the countless generations before you. It's a shitty way to live, but it's a great teacher of how not to be to your own kids.
i have been through the same thing and I am now 26y.o. both of my parents were alki's and because of that i don't drink. my mother got violent when she got drunk and my dad talked loud and hung out all night when he got drunk. my father passed away and my mother still drinks. not as bad as she was but its still unbearable. get out as soon as you can- b/c if they dont realize that they need help there wont be much you can do for them. if you need to go to a counselor, teacher, etc..some form of trusting adult and talk about whats going on and how its making you feel. dont pass it up,b/c it will haunt you later. i know b/c im going through it now. good luck and GOD BLESS.
use a nailcutter

stop em

call the police.
look up the phone # for a Crisis intervention- 24 hr phone line. Calll Child Protective Service for help! Are you in danger of being harmed by your parent? If so, this is serious..

Get some help asap!
Been there myself and have many stories. My daddy drank

lots when I was growing up and I married into the same thing. My daddy would get violent (as in he wanted to hit and

break things,plus I've seen him slap my sister and my mom).

By the time I was 16, I started confronting him, although I wouldn't suggest doing the same. My daddy had several guns. He would drink and take his blood pressure medicine,

which one night made him lose it. That was several years ago, but you never forget those things.

You, as a child, do not have to live in that. There is help out there. That parent needs help as well.

Do you have relatives that you can stay with? Older siblings? A neighbor that you can trust? A family friend?

If it comes down to that, call the police.
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