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What products should a first time parent definitely purchase before the child is born? Why?

There are so many things that one can purchase before having the first child! With a limited budget, definitely want to focus on the essentially must buys. Anything that's a must by that's not obvious that you found through your experience, like a stroller? Anything that you'd recommend to defer after birth and why?What products should a first time parent definitely purchase before the child is born? Why?
Car seat is number one, a few clothes, not too many as you will probably get lots as presents, plus if you don't know the sex already it is nice to buy sex specific once they're born. A pram, nappies, cot(crib). If you want to spend less money you don't have to have a bassinet or cradle, just put baby straight in crib, as long as you put them at the bottom it is perfectly safe. Things like a highchair can wait a few months until baby is bigger. Do you have a sink you can bath baby in rather than buy a baby bath they will soon outgrow? Don't spend a lot of money on bath products, shampoo, lotions etc. Generally babies don't need anything in the water. In Australia when you have your baby you receive a ';Bounty Baby'; sample bag which contains sachets and samples of various products. My son is 4 and we still haven't used everything. Is there something like this where you live? One thing which I have found essential is a breast pump. I used mine as soon as I got home from hospital to relieve fullness. Buy an electric one if you can, easier to use. A microwave steriliser is also great for cleaning pump and bottles. You can usually get cheap ones at Target. Sometimes they come with bottles in them too, saves money. Also try to buy neutral colours where possible especially for large items. If you have another baby, of the opposite sex, you don't want to have to start all over again.What products should a first time parent definitely purchase before the child is born? Why?
ear plugs
I would have anything necessary. Meaning as far as big items, you will need a place for it to sleep, whether you choose to use a bassinet, crib, or playpen at first, and a carseat. Also many smaller items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, blankets, formula and bottles if you are using them, bath supplies, and that's about it for just at first. You can always hold off on things like a stroller, although I got mine early cuz I got one that was a stroller/carseat/infant carrier combo. Also you will not need a high chair right away, or bigger items like toys or a swing. Maybe some small toys is all for at first.
Some baby things u definitely want to have are ... Diapers, bottles, baby wipes, somewhere for baby to sleep and extra clothes for baby. Obvioulsy u are going to need alot more but these I think are some of the big basics. Good Luck
Well, definitely a crib! No one really needs a changing table, it's just convenient. Some babies can't even fit into a swing or infant chair the first few weeks or so, so that is something else that can be postponed. A stroller/carseat combo is nice if you plan on going out for walks or whatnot frequently. Otherwise, a sling carrier would save you bunches of money and isn't as bulky as a stroller! Plenty of diapers and WIPES. I never thought i'd go through so many wipes so fast. I ended up just getting the industrial pack from Babies R Us cause I didn't want to have to go back so frequently. Pacifiers if you plan on using them and plenty of them. Kayla drops hers left and right and it's easier having spares around instead of having to sanitize them every ten minutes! Definitely a medicine/health kit. Saline drops or spray with a nasal aspirator and all that good stuff as well as the grooming kit. In the beginning weeks a baby nail file is easier and safer then scissors or clips. Hope this helps!
I would have diapers waiting for you when you get home from the hospital. Pacifiers...
car seat definitely
it might sound not that important but trust me it is.....a manicure set for ur kid.....its nails grow long really fast n they need to be cut often, n they like to move their hands alot so they could either scratch u or them self......really one of the product that is really needed....n its specially for babies, cuz regular nail clippers wont do the job n u might hurt him/her
a diaper bag, diapers, vaselin, wet tissue, soft hankeys, savlon, baby soap (no tear), baby oil, towel, sheets, babies clothes(should be washed twice), cotton caps, socks, nail cutter, safety pins, cotton, night light, masquito net, make sure your room for at least a month should be a no shoe zone.
Moses basket. Its somewhere asfe and secure to put your baby, and you can carry it to any room you want. It was invaluable to us.

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