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What age should a parent stop holding their child鈥檚 hand?

Out of enquiry, how old should they be, 12+ or older, or younger?What age should a parent stop holding their child鈥檚 hand?
There's different reasons or concerns for holding a child's hand. As an adult, I still held my mother's hand, and if she were still alive, I'd still hold her hand. My daughter is 10 and still holds my hand - her choice. If the child has disabilities, you might want to hold their hand. If the child is scatterbrained, and not the least bit cautious, you might still want to hold their hand. If the child is careful and responsible, you may not want to hold their hand. It depends on the child and the situation. I'll happily hold my daughter's hand for as long as she wants to hold my hand, and I have a free hand to do so.What age should a parent stop holding their child鈥檚 hand?
well, any age would be fine as long as your child shows maturity. When your child shows you that they can cross the street on their own then you should let them go. But do it gradually. Don't let them go imedialty. When the time comes you would know that they can croos the streets no matter what age they are. when you let them cross the street by themselves you should walk by their side but dont hold their hands. you'll know when the time comes.
I still hold hands with my mom and I am an adult.

Although, if you mean holding their hand out of safety... Well, i dont think you can put an age on that because all kids are different. You have to base that on how they act, not how old they are. Do they wander off? Do they pay attention to their surroundings? Do they look before crossing the road? Do they talk to strangers?
depends on the child, if they tend to run or wander off, hold their hands till that phase stops. but ALWAYS no matter what hold a childs hand in a busy place like an airport, extremly-(like around Christmas) crowded mall etc.

but typically, till 6-7, again, depending on the child and the environment.
Until the time when children starts getting embarassed of having their parents hold their hands when they cross the street, they complain and get shy around their friends. Especially when moms kiss them on the cheek. This is a sign of maturity. They want to have a little independence. But until then, don't let go.
Thanks for all of these wonderful answers-they made me smile!

I have teenage boys and still hold their hand when we cross the street. And they let me, for a little while at least :o) I guess it's my way of telling them that I love them and care for their safety-no matter how old they are.
My childrens ages are 17, 12, 10 %26amp; 6. I am always holdings hands, walk with my arm around them, interlock arms. If they don't like it and think we parents are ';dorky'; they will let us know. Hold hands for as long as they let you.
When the child displays the maturity to look both ways before crossing ALWAYS, and to refrain from placing him/herself in danger. For some children that could be 10, for others older.
Definitely younger at least at age 8. Your kid will be in the six grade aka middle school then your child would feel ';embarrassed'; as they call it and would grow apart from you because them an ';embarrassment.';
not until the child is old and married!!!!!!!!

Just kidding, actually i think it really depends on what is socially acceptable for the culture and your family's preferences
if a kid shows maturity. never crosses a street w/out looking ';both ways';, etc. averaged in my friends/family's lives i would say about. 9, 10 years old.
Incognitio, love your answer! I agree, I will hold on untilt they won't let me! :)
never, always hold your childs hand whenever you have the chance. Life is too short.
When your child pulls his or hand out of yours. then its time (unless of course your kid is a hyper 6 year old)
My daughter is 16 and will still hold my hand, because she loves me.
when you can hold your child's hand.'s a sign of affection, and should never stop!!
my kids are 11 and sometimes they still grab my hand.
never- its a universal way of saying i love you when words aren't enough.
Don't. Why should you have to?

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