Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you comvince a parent to get you a pet?

btw, my mom wont even let me show her im responsible. she wont let me babysit a pet or anything! is there any other way?

P.S. ive tried the cleaning your room every day...nobody even notices.How do you comvince a parent to get you a pet?
Do you get good grades at school? Are you willing to walk a dog or clean the litter box of a cat? Do you know that vet bills are very expensive? The pet will need shots, check-ups, and spaying or neutering. Perhaps your parents can't afford a pet.

Ask for a pet for Christmas. Tell them that that is the only thing you want. Then be very responsible about taking care of it.How do you comvince a parent to get you a pet?
Show them that your responsible
Try taking care of a spider, or beetle, or jar of ants, or something small and creepy that Moms don';t want in their house.Then when she sees how kindness to living creatures . and caring makes you so happy she should want to replace that pet with a more normal one before giving that one up.
how old r u? if you're 13 +. you're mum should trust you.
work hard at school and keep your room clean. if your room isn't clean then there is no way on earth you would be able to take care of something that actually is alive.
Maybe you could volunteer some of your time at a local Humane Society or Animal Rescue Shelter of your choice.

It's a good way to get to know and help many different breeds. Could be horses, dogs, cats. Whatever you choose.

Just a thought.
tell her you will pay for everything and come through with it
Here's what I did, I caught some lizards in the wild and kep them in an aquarium. Evenntually, my parents said they would get me a hamster if I got rid of them.
My 1st response was to say, show yourself responsible.

Other than that, ask your Mom why? or What you can do to prove yourself worthy as a pet owner.
maybe your mother doesn't like pets, at least in her home. we always had a dog at home. when i had my children we had dogs cats, turtles, and some rodents, NOT all at the same time, but we all helped with the feeding and cleaning-- inside and outside.when you are grown, then you can have any and all the pets you want.
do alot of research on them. Sh ow them how much you know about tem and maybe you will impress someone
show your mum your responsible in more ways than one - work really hard in school, keep your room clean anyway, offer to wash the dishes, get her a coffee, whatever. Also, be patient and persistent. it took me at least two months before my mum agreed to get me my cat. that was two and a half years ago.
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