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Can a parent take a young child out of Australia without the other parents permission?

I recently seperated from my boyfriend. We have a one year old son together. He is from New Zealand and thats where most his family live. He wants to take our son to New Zealand for a month in about two-three months time. Our son has no passport and I have the birth certificate. I think our son is too young and dont agree in letting him go. Can his father take him over there without my permission. Just helpful answers please.Can a parent take a young child out of Australia without the other parents permission?
If you have custody then he can't take him out of the country without your permission. Tell the Dept of Foreign affairs to put your son on their watch list.

However, if you wish to give him permission then he won't be able to take him and not give him back as there are strong extradition links between Australia and New Zealand.

Just tell the Dept of Foreign affairs what's going on and they will help you.Can a parent take a young child out of Australia without the other parents permission?
No,who has custody? though both parents have to sign the passport. Though I do not want to frighten you but many children have been taken out of the country, without both parents consent.If I were you, I would go to legal aid and seek advise on getting custody of your child a lot of hassle but worth it and tell them of your concerns, and the boyfriend may only get supervised access to the child. good luck and know where your child is at all times.
If your ex-boyfriend is named as the father on the birth certificate then he will not be able to take him out of the country. BOTH parents signatures are needed for a child to get a passport!! This is exactly the reason why all children now have to hold their own individual passports and are no longer allowed to be placed on one parents passport, with only one parents concent. I hope this helps.
Get a court order to stop him taking him out of the Aussie, this will be enforced by immigration at the airport.
Why dont you agree with this? It is not something I would make waves over. He obviously just wants to visit his family and his home land, and have his son visit too.

I can understand some parents concerns about their child being taken overseas and never returned like someone here has mentioned. However, this will not happen with NZ, as NZ has processes in place to return a child to its rightful home if one has been kidnapped and bought there.

In answer to your actual question, no, he cannot take him out of the country without your permission. If he has no passport, both parents need to fill out the application for him to get one.
No all passport applications need both perent signatures and proof that it is that perent signing the paper.

If one perent has died, you need a death cirtificate to proove it. If your boy friend tries to forge your details, the passport office will ring you to conferm that you agreed to letting your son to a passport.

So as i see it, your son is going no where!!

And sorry Flixi but that treaty by the govenments was scrapped a coupple of years ago. TO many people wer trying to forge drivers licences and that so the govenments gtave up and re introduced the passport thing
If there are custody agreements that have been made with the courts, then the answer is no.

If your ex has sole custody, then it is possible.

If you want to stop this, then I suggest you get a lawyer specialising in family law and jump on this. You may qualify for legal aid, and in the end, it may not cost as much as you think.

Before you say you can't afford a lawyer, ask youself how strongly you feel about this then proceed. You may be able
No if he wants to take the child...he can't.You need to do some homework...also.

Go to Australian consulate, get a stop on the child.

If your child has no passport..if the father has the child alone..for

visits...He can get a passport, so you need to have that I say.

If he takes your son to N.Z. for a month! chances are he will NOT RETURN!...So you need to go make a few phone calls to

Australian Consulate here in Australia.Ask operator for the phone number...o.k. in your state.

Also you need to tell people who you know, what is may their evidence, one day in court!
If you dont want your son to get a passport, you dont sign the form. A minor under the age of 18 is unable to get a passport without BOTH parents permission.

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