Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you feel about parent's who are abandoning their children in Nebraska under the safe haven law?

I know personally I couldn't do it. But I've never been in that situation with having a problem child. I think a boot camp for kids would work better.How do you feel about parent's who are abandoning their children in Nebraska under the safe haven law?
I can understand people dropping off newborns at the hospital because they weren't prepared to be parents or don't have the means to provide for them. It's better of the newborns end up there then in a dumpster somewhere. What I don't understand are the parents who drop off their older children because they have dealt with too much and feel the need to pass them along for others to handle. Now that is stupid, why have children if they can't handle the full responsibilities of parenting? Before having children, haven't they thought about how much work it takes to care for one and that it is a life long commitment? Man these people! If the older children are out of hand and they need help there are other ways to help, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it by using the safe haven law, that just doesn't make any sense. It's a totally different category compared to having newborns being dropped off. I feel the law is to protect deaths of newborns not for parents to let go of their older kids because they've had enough of being a parent. People should be jailed for this.How do you feel about parent's who are abandoning their children in Nebraska under the safe haven law?
I think the law is insane! I am 100% for safe havens for babies but these laws are too extreme. Parents always have the option of handing a child over to the state if they are unable to care for them. To legalize dropping a 10 year old, for example, off at a hospital in the middle of the night is crazy! The law has no taken into account the extra trauma this is causing these kids. If ya don't want your kids then go to DSS and do it the proper way. As far as what do I think of people that could do something like that. I think they are the scum of the earth. How could someone just walk away from a child like that. They make me sick!
i think its a fabulous thing... it prevents the kids from being neglected or abused, and de-stresses the parents as well. i think any solution that benefits a child, no matter how hard on the parent is a good thing. personally, its something i could never do, or see a reason for doing, but i have met a few people who i think i would rather see give up their kids than continue raising them the way they have been.
Some ppl can't handle their children and instead of having their bad selves out and about messing up the neighborhood commiting crimes they hand them over. It helps the kids in the long run and it's not about you and how you feel it's about making that kid a valuable part of the community.
I think that it makes good sense to have a legal, safe way for overwhelmed, desperate people to deal with their problems. Safe havens are a much better solution than murder, suicide, drugs and other 'solutions' more commonly resorted to by these desperate folks.
i've never been in a situation where i wouldn't want my children but some people get so overwhelmed that they can't do it. i think it was good that they did what they did and didn't murder or beat the children. the law has been put to good use.
I'm confused about why if one parent abandons a child he/she must pay child support. The government reasons that a child needs the financial support of both parents. But if BOTH parents abandon a child, neither have to pay anything. Why is that?

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