Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you become a foster parent in California?

HI...I'm only 26, but I want to become an emergency foster parent. In my job, I work with many teens who end up being pulled from the home by cps and many are in homes that do not offer support and basic needs. Personally, I feel they would be better off staying with me despite my age then half the places they end up. Please help me figure out if it could actually happen. Thanks!!!

take care!How do you become a foster parent in California?
I just attended a foster parent orientation in San Joaquin county last week, so the answer is you will need to contact your county human services agency, you can look them up in the phone book under foster care or you can call the county cps office and they will give you the number. According to the social worker at the orientation ,it takes about 3 months to become licensed to be a foster parent. They will give a certain amount of money each month to help you pay for the increased costs, higher bills, more food, etc, the children will get their medical and dental paid for by Medical and you will have to pass a background check and be screened by the foster care agency to make sure you haven't had any convictions for violent crimes or child abuse or sex abuse of children. Then you have to attend a CPR class and a foster parent training program, your house has to pass a safety inspection and you have to be interviewed by a social worker, once that is all done you will be liscened and start being able to take children as foster kids. I am just getting started in that myself, I have to fill out all the paperwork this weekend and then start the process.How do you become a foster parent in California?
Go on-line and look up foster parenting in your state such as....Foster parenting/ California and this will lead you to many links.This should lead you to several organizations, and then you can choose whom you want to license with. And no you are not to young.
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