Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I convince my parent to buy another dog for the family?

I'm 18 years old and I live with my parents, and about 6 months ago my previous dog, bit my sister and we had to get rid of him. I hate the thought of being without another pet for 2 years, but i think the incident scared my dad a little bit, and he wont agree to another dog untill next summer (2008). I've tryed so many things but he just doesnt see how much it has affected me. I feel like a piece of me is missing (ok, i know its corny but i just need to be around animals-i cant explain it). What can I do or say to change his mind- mabey you can help mabey not?How can I convince my parent to buy another dog for the family?
If you want a dog ask what if you pay for everything. I know that sounds expensive but if you really want one it might be the only way.How can I convince my parent to buy another dog for the family?
Well maybe what you can do is show him that u will be responsible for the dog and you'll take care of it. Tell your parents that everyone in the family can pick out the right dog for you guys. Have u ever thought of getting another kind of animal like a cat some other fun animal? I have had my cat for 3 years and i can't imagine living without him. I really wanted a dog at first but instead my parents got me a cat but now i have really connected with my cat. Now my mom and sister don't really want him anymore but i said to bad im keeping him since i can't live w/out him. So wat im trying to say is try another kind of animal if they won't let u get a dog cuz even though u might not really want it at first u might connect to it sooner or later. Good luck. Hope i helped.
I would just wait until you get a place of your own. You're already 18.

Until then, volunteer at a local no kill shelter. You'll get to have animals to care for %26amp; love on, and you don't have to bring them home.
There may be no quick solution to this matter. Your father is scared that this may occur again, or perhaps there are other issues involved - you going away to college and he does not want to have a dog to care for when you are gone...all of these may be the a consideration.

Perhaps you can ask your father for a small dog, one that is a different breed than the one that bit your sister, maybe you can ask to foster a dog for a local animal shelter to see if he can be comfortable again...above all, have a real heart to heart with your father and let him know what you are feeling - be prepared to hear what his explanations are and see if there is a solution or agreement you can come to. Don't get upset during the talk, and be prepared for him not to change his mind. If he doesn't maybe you can volunteer at a local animal shelter to work around animals in the mean time...
Well be nice about it. Show them that you can be responsible and that this means a lot to you. If you try hard enough your parents might consider this.

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