Friday, January 15, 2010

What do you think about parent participation in the classroom?

The school we are considering, has about 6 students per teacher and rely heavly on parents participating on a regular basis. Some moms are there all day everyday.

I love the idea of being involved like that, but I wonder how it affects a childs ability to grow into their own person and to learn to coap with verious social situation.

What do you think?What do you think about parent participation in the classroom?
What do I think about parent participation in the classroom?

I think parents should not participate for two reasons:

1. Students have to learn to cope with non-family members in a school setting. Plus, it is part of the socialization process for young students to meet different people who are not close family members or even friends.

2. Parents are not teachers or even the school faculty that deal with students on a daily basis. The school faculty in general is more trained to deal with students in a more objective and professional way.What do you think about parent participation in the classroom?
I think the parents' should be available at home. When the child gets home, the parents' should reinforce everything he learned at school that day. That involves help with homework, reading, projects and anything else he needs help with.

Its just not good to have parents at school helping. It can cause performance anxiety for the child. I mean, the teacher only has 6 students!! There is not a lot of help required.
Good for you keep up the good work. Iam a Grand mother,and now I volunteer at my grand-children's school. I was a volunteer when my children were in school,it was good for them,good for me and good for the school. Teachers are overwhelmed since the GOVERNMENT has taken the discipline out of homes ans schools. Children get a sense of security knowing that ,mom,dad,or gramma is somewhere in the school. Word of advise DON'T work in your own child's class,that causes big time problems.
I don't think a parent being there all day every day is going to help the child, but hinder them, they will probably feel no room to grow into their own being and have their own identity...also what are the teachers being paid for? its their jobs not the parents, the parents can do their bit at one is going to pay the parents for doing the teachers job.
i think that a parent coming everday is seriously inhibiting the possibility of that child for independence. and if there are already 6 students a teacher, then that child should suck it up and look for independence
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