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As the parent of two young children, what are the challenges of taking up full time university studies?

I am planning to start an undergraduate university course in September. My children are 3 and 1. I'm wondering if I should do full time or part time and what are some of the difficulties parents face when they go back to school. I would appreciate hearing some experiences.

Thanks.As the parent of two young children, what are the challenges of taking up full time university studies?
Whether or not you should go full or part time depends on whether there is a father or someone reliable and responsible to watch the children when you are not around.

With either one you will experience problems, and at young ages it is very important that a mother is around.As the parent of two young children, what are the challenges of taking up full time university studies?
Thanks for all the feedback. I've decided to put off studying until my kids start school. These early years are too fleeting for me to spend time rushing them from one child minder to the next so I can find study time. The opportunity to study will, hopefully, still be there in 2/3 years.

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Im currently doing an access into the caring professions at college and I'm applying for uni in September to do my nursing diploma. My daughter is 19months and so I was really worried about going but people from the university came to do a talk and it has put my mind at ease. They can help with childcare costs and many have nursery's. I am planning to do part time as I feel I will miss out on family life too much.

The difficulties I am facing being a student and mother at the moment is that it is really hard revising for exams and lecturers don't give a crap if your assignment is not on time because your child is teething lol but it is achievable if you put your all into it and if your children are in a routine you can plan study time around. Good luck
Well done for getting this far. I am a mature student myself (29) and I also have 2 children. I started 2 years ago with a year at foundation level so slowly get myself back into studies as it had been a few years. Then in October 2008 I started on my degree part time. My children are older than yours 10 %26amp; 6 but children care is still an issue as schools have half term holidays when universes Also lectures tend to go on later in the day than school. My University offers on campus child care during the day as well as an after school club for school aged children but I have to rely on my parents and my fiancee to take care of them other wise.

Personally I found the worse part is wanting to spend more time with my children but with the work load .. even as a part time student .. means I have to spend time shut away trying to get work done. My children are so proud of me for being at University that they know sometimes they have to let mummy do her homework.

good luck hun..
Hi, weldone you for making the decision to carry on your education. I'm 18 and am going to be studying at uni in the next year. I have a 1 year old daughter and have been studying a full on course and it has been tough. Thankfully I have my boyfriend to help out. I found it hard multitasking being a mum and putting effort into my work, I say this but my daughter does cry an awful lot so your two might not be like this. With Lacey always crying or wanting my attention, I found it hard actually finding time to get the motivation to do the work and be able to finish it. This isn't saying it can't be done. It's been hard but shes adjusted to it and it will benefit her in the future. I really feel like its worth it now as I'm estimated to get the highest grade I can. Its just adjusting to the juggling but you will get use to it. good luck
Some universities offer free nursery childcare to students who are enrolled there.

You should call and ask them about it. :-)

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