Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How many parent signatures are needed to join the military at 17?

I'm 17 and just graduated early, and I'm hopefully joining the Marines by the end of the month. However, my mom has repeatedly said that she will not sign the consent form, but my dad says he will. Do you need 2 signatures on the consent form to join?How many parent signatures are needed to join the military at 17?
Yes, you need both of them. The only way you can enlist with only one signature is if the parent who is signing for you has full custody of you and it is reflected in a court order signed by a judge, if the non-signing parent is confined and they aren't scheduled to be released prior to your 18th birthday, if you don't know where the other parent is, as in you have no address or any other way to contact them, or if your other parent is deceased.

Since none of that applies to you, your only option is to try and talk your mother into signing for you. Explain the benefits and that it's what you want to do. If she still won't budge then tell her you are going to join on your 18th birthday and all she is doing is delaying your enlistment, not stopping it.

ADDED: The only way you can enlist at 17 without parental consent is if you were legally emancipated by a court. You could try going that route but by the time everything is finalized you may already be 18.How many parent signatures are needed to join the military at 17?
When I joined the Marine Corps the day after my seventeenth birthday both parents had to sign. But that was decades ago and I have no idea how it is today. Call your recruiter. He'll know.
all custodial parents must sign it. If your parents are married, you need Mom's siggy. sorry.
Just wait until you turn 18!
Your mom sounds wise.

I'm sure your dad's signature will be enough to send you to Afganistan where you will face possible death...what for none of us really know...

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