Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's the difference between a good parent and a great parent?

Also, how do you know if you're being either too firm or too easy with discipline? These new parenting methods all seem too delicate to me, like yelling once will scar the kid for life, but on the other hand I don't want to be too harsh.What's the difference between a good parent and a great parent?
There isn't one right or best parenting style.

When it comes to discipline, a lot depends on your child. The goal of discipline should be more about encouraging good behavior than punishing. For some children, scolding is effective enough. And for others, it wouldn't matter if you locked them in their room and beat them until they are bleeding. The key is making your child understand there are consequences for their actions.

The real measure of what kind of a parent you are is what kind of person your children become. If your children grow up to be happy people who are decent to others then you did a pretty good job. If you raise your child to be a decent person AND give them every opportunity within your means to excel in life then you would be a great parent. But in the end, it's really the type of person children become that let you know whether you did a good job as a parent.What's the difference between a good parent and a great parent?
I don't know.

My mom annoys with her yapping on every little dumb thing I do but I know its because of that that I didn't stray into a bad life.

If you try to be a ';cool mom';, your kids won't respect you as an authorative figure as much.

Find the Balance in the force and you will know your answer!
You just need to trust your gut--a great parent is one who is interested in their child, spends quality time, not making up for it with quantity time or quantity objects. A great parent sets firm boundaries with consequences, but also is willing to let things slide on occasion (later bedtime for special occasion, for example). A great parent is one who is involved in their child's education and interested in spending time doing hobbies with their child. A great parent doesn't hover and do their kids' homework, either. They are a guide on the side--the child knows the parent's there for them to help them, not do it for them. Trust your instincts!
If your kids are healthy and like you, you're a good parent.

If your kids are healthy, well adjusted, well mannered, and don't like you, you're a great parent.
knowledge, and the willingness to learn and admit you know nothing, i have five kids from 1-17, i am always learning new and better ways to parent , i have taken a hundred parenting classes, read 1000 books, listen to all advice and criticizes , i listen and hear my children and they listen and hear me, when i make a parenting mistake i ask for forgiveness and move on, and my children always forgive me, and i always forgive them, i am very strict with my children, yet i have never hit them, i have yelled but i do apologize to them for that and try not to, they are not perfect nether am i but who is, i am a great mom to my children, and they are great children to me, consistent discipline is the key, don't make decisions while angry, i will continue to learn , read, take classes, if you do the very best you can you are a great parent
a good parent gives u love, a great parent gives u money(and love i gess)
I hear you.....How do you feel about your parents? Were they ';good parents'; in your estimation? That you want to be a ';great parent'; tells me that you are a great parent already. As I'm sure you know, kids remember the weirdest things in their childhood. There's a difference between being ';firm'; and being abusive. Children need parameters (s). Not to be confused with abuse. Yelling is never a good idea for you or the kid. If you're going to discipline the kid (s), wait until you are calm, then discipline them with whatever hurts the most, and I don't mean physically. Take away their priveleges for the rest of the day, but choose the thing that you know will hurt the most. Good luck
nothing.all parents have different ways of..parenting.theres no good or bad parent
A good parent knows what's right and wrong.

A great parent wonders if she knows what's right and wrong. She asks questions, and tries different things. She cares enough about her children to know that being a parent doesn't automatically make you wise - that mistakes will be made - and problems will occur.

A great parent advocates for her child - but doesn't believe her child is better than other kids. A great parent is fair.

A great parent adores her children - but doesn't do everything for them.

It sounds like you're a great parent because you cared enough to ask.
good parent - nintendo

great parent - x-box
i say with the discipline thing you just have to remember that you are the childs parent not the childs friend. be firm but fare
Easy! There is no way to tell! Each parents' strengths and weaknesses are different. Obviously, consistantly screaming at your child, beating him on a regular basis and forcing him into slavery is being a bad parent. The bottom line is no body is perfect. I think the key to being a great parent is TRYING to be a great parent. Being able to put yourself in their shoes, show understanding, being an example, giving them a lot of attention while still letting them make their own mistakes. That is being a great parent. Like Dr.Phil said- ';You are not raising kids, you are raising adults';.

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