Sunday, January 17, 2010

What should happen to a parent who lets a child starve to death?

The little boy was 17 months old when he died and weighed just over 14 lbs. Somehow the father had custody and was receiving food stamps. HE was not malnourished and even was reported to have purchased himself Burger King the day his baby died.

What do you think should be his punishment?What should happen to a parent who lets a child starve to death?
An eye for an eye.. throw him in prison and starve HIM to death.. so how he feels being helpless and starving to death. People are sick. I think punishment should also be worse for other kinds of child abuse, as well. ;-(What should happen to a parent who lets a child starve to death?
An eye for an eye! He should starve to death!
he would go to jail for neglect and possibly face more charges
Charge him with Premeditated Murder and give him life in prison or the death sentence.. Depending where he is from, we dont have the death sentence in Australia.
life in prison for being a dumbass and killing a person. that also happened to a couple whos baby died cuz they forgot about when they played world of warcraft.
tortured and starved shackled in my basement for a couple months, then thrown in prison.
Starve the worthless bastard!!! Everyone else around him should be eating steak or whatever and he just gets to watch!
starve him in jail...see how HE likes it.
Makes me sick to think about someone doing this...this is murder.
give him the same treatment, STARVE HIM!!!
He should be locked in tiny dark space until he starves to death , without communication with anyone ...
they should dang starve the parent
kick his *** %26amp;

starve him to death.
This is one time when the death penalty sounds completely appropriate. He didn't kill his child in rage, but in neglect, which is hate. He should be shown the same mercy by the judicial system.

edit: People who do that, ugh, I hate when people insist the pain of loss and guilt they're feeling is enough pain. No, it isn't. It's not a punishment, it's a natural consequence. I hope he gets the loss, guilt, and legal penalties.

Buger King? My gosh, he could've bought big bags of rice and kidney beans for that price. Does he know how many meals he could've gotten out of that?
he should get life for murdering his child by not feeding him! if he was struggling then there's plenty of help he could have got. where were the social services, etc in all of this
I think he should be locked in a room and starved also.But give him lemon juice once a day.Thirsty enough he will drink it.And boy wont it hurt on an empty stomache.Just keep doing it until he dies..
Chop off his nuts %26amp; send him to prison.
They should put his dumb *** in prison, starve him and let his fellow in mates have their way with him!
I hope none of you claim to be Christian... Anyroad, since we are on the topic, why don't we just stone him? Or maybe burn his body on an altar as a sacrifice to God? Maybe we try something ';moral';... How about jail without starvation? I know the guy is a retard, but what you people are talking about is illegal, if you didn't know.
lock him in a small confined space with a picture of his child and withold food and water until he dies
An eye for an eye!!!
live with no eligibility for parole for 25 years .wont last three years . time would be served with hardcore convicts . his time would be short . never come close to parole hearing . anything less is a miscarriage of justice
Exactly the same as 'you' think! Would never be shown on this site though!!
that ***** should die. death by a pen.
he should go to jail

how can he do dat?

omg dats like so not kool!

omg da lil kid was 17 months?

he cant do dat seriously....did yall call the police?
make jack black hump on him
That makes me so sick to my stomach. He should be starved to death while he watches everyone else eat.
he should go to prison w chance of NEVER getting out. Thats just wrong!
I'm with Lil One. But maybe make his last supper his own nuts...

or make him work in a soup kitchen for life
They should cut his mullet.
pat on the back

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