Sunday, January 17, 2010

How was your transition from working parent to stay-at-home parent?

was it rough or was it easy? how long before you felt comfortable with the change? are you planning to come back to work someday?How was your transition from working parent to stay-at-home parent?
Honestly ... I was extremely bored. It took me while (4 months to be exact) to get a schedule and find activities I could keep myself busy with. Once I got a routine going for myself everything came together nicely. After staying at home for so long I started working from home in my chosen profession. If I could work part time doing what I love that would be the most ideal situation for me. Unfortunately it's either full time or work from home. So I decided to branch off and start my own business. I plan on leasing a building and getting my business started once my youngest (2yrs) is in kindergarten. I love my kids and I love working. So being my own boss will give me the best of both worlds. I can make a schedule that works for me as well as a schedule that works for my family. =)How was your transition from working parent to stay-at-home parent?
i am already back at work, i just took a couple of years off. it was hard for me, really hard. i love work, i love earning my own money and i like that there arent any kids there to interrupt me.

how long before you felt comfortable with the change?

i didnt ever feel comfortable with it, honestly. thats why i went back asap (as soon as the baby was a yr and a half, not breastfeeding, sleeping through the night, etc). I plan to work until the day i die. I love work, im a hard worker, and i love earning money.
It was hard at first. I gained weight like crazy, and I was so bored lol. But as my baby started to grow and sleep through the night I felt better. I lost the weight and started sketching again in my spare time. It still has its ups and downs, but watching her grow and evolve is so awesome. I enjoy every minute of it, and I feel lost when I'm without her. I would like to go back to work after she starts kindergarten. My husband doesn't want me to go back until then, because he says he would barely ever see me. Daycare is so expensive so I would have to work nights and we would only pass each other in the driveway. Neither one of us wants that. I never had a stay at home mom growing up, and I always missed her. So, I'm glad I can offer it to my daughter and any future daughter. It's worth it.
The hardest part for me was not having my own paycheck any more. I was always very independent and didn't like the idea of depending on someone else. I really struggled with that. It was also hard suddenly feeling like i was the sole entertainment for my kids, they were driving me nuts! It took about 6 months to get the hang of things with the kids, but it has been 2 years and I am still not happy with the money end of it. But my hubby is great about it, it's just me. Anyway, I do plan to go back to work when my youngest is in school full time. I am hoping to get a job in the school so i can have their same schedule.
it sucked at first. days were long, exhausing and intellectually draining. but now it's been almost six years and i've pretty much got the hang of it. it's all about balance i think. i look at it as a job (which it is) and even though most of it can be pretty mundane, the long term benefits will be worth it. i consider myself lucky to be able to stay home now. when i had my son, i worked 2 jobs until he was five. Big mistake. but i was divorced and had not much of a choice....blah blah blah. i do plan to go to work again in a year when i'm finished my internship. taking a class once a week helped me to feel in touch with the world and got me my degree as well. all good.
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