Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is the law about a parent videotaping my class?

The parent is videotaping his child in my karate class but I became uncomfortable as the parent videotape pretty much entire class and every class I teach. The class is being held in my school. I usually don't have problems with parents taping their children receiving new belts or recording bits and pieces. Also isn't my instruction my personal property?What is the law about a parent videotaping my class?
Tell them that for the privacy of the other children you have a policy that only awards ceremonies can be taped unless the tape only shows their own child, as in warmup excercises. Then enforce it across the board.

Note, he may be pissed and may take his kid somewhere else. But probably not.

And, yes, you have an ownership right in your instruction.What is the law about a parent videotaping my class?
as the instructor, you have the right to prohibit videotaping.

When my daughter went through Karate, her instructor prohibited any and all video, allowed stills ONLY when they received a new belt.
You can certainly limit this by telling the parent he can only tape his or her child. Check your local laws about this.
yes but there isnt a law on either side... you can put up a sign that asks that no filming be done unless its an award ceremony and that should solve the issue

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