Friday, January 15, 2010

What eye colors can result from a blue-eyed parent and a hazel-eyed parent having children?

Just a curiosity thing, since I haven't heard anything on the inheritance of eye color when it comes to hazel eyes (the color which has both brown and green regions on the iris). I know that many genes are responsible for eye color, but overall, what is the inheritance pattern for hazel eyes, and what would a cross with blue eyes result in?What eye colors can result from a blue-eyed parent and a hazel-eyed parent having children?
God only knows.

I'd say it could go either way. Blue or Hazel.What eye colors can result from a blue-eyed parent and a hazel-eyed parent having children?
99% chance the child will have blazel eyes or possibly hue
well I believe that you could have any eye color that may be in the family background. So I think it really could be any color.
only god knows
This obviously falls on the genetics and things that you have mentioned, but realistically, it would be possible for the child to have blue, hazel, or brown eyes... or even an extremely small percentage of red/pink albino. It cannot depend on how the chromosomes line up essentially... just like people that do not take fertility therapy of any kind, but end up having triplets anyway. Sometimes, it just happens and the potential (no matter how slight it may be) is always there.

But, the probability remains that a child in the circumstances you mention would most likely have either hazel, or blue eyes, or even hazel-blue eyes (I have hazel-blue eyes), even though my parents had brown eyes, and blue eyes.
It all depends on whos genes are Recessive and whos are Dominant.
no way to determine. Probability using a pundit square can only be used when there are two reliable factors, and there are too many different shades of eye color not just blue green brown....
Since blue eyes are the result of recsessive genes(like blond hair)the chances are good that children will have darker eyes,but,don't place any bets.Nature has a way of making fools of us all.
Hazel, blue, blue, hazel
well, as a rule blue is recessive to brown at least

but hazel is hard because it has two different colors and i don't know if it's dominant or recessive. i'd bet it's dominant though


okay, so i found a link鈥?/a>

and it says that blue is recessive to hazel. so it would probably be like



-- H H



and all the offspring would be hazel-eyed
it depends what the recessive gene inside the parents are...
Orange eyes, maybe...........
more likey hazel cause its darker which tends to dominate
blue, brown or green, oh or hazel
I'd say blue eyes and hazel eyes can go either way. I have hazel eyes and have blue eyed, green eyed and dark brown eyed kiddles.

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