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What can a parent do with a 15 yo who refuses to go to school?

What options if any, does a parent of a 15 yo in texas who refuses to go to school have? The school does not provide any consequences except for 3 days of sac. All absences are being counted as unexcused, which will later drag the parent to court. The child also leaves home for days at a time. All her privileges have been taken away including her cell phone. What can a parent do according to Texas law?What can a parent do with a 15 yo who refuses to go to school?
Call the police and have her picked up for unruliness .

Then talk with some one in juvenile court about pressing further charges .

I know this is the last thing a parent wants to have to do but some times it is for their own good .

I was faced with a similar problem only my daughter was 13 .

After admitting her in to the hospital for drug testing and talking with the court system and them threatening to haul her butt off to a detention center she realized I was serious and straightened her butt up .

It nearly killed me to do that but I had to tell myself it is either this or I will eventually be called down to identify her body .

I also told myself that I would much rather have her hate me for the rest of her life than to not be here at all .

I fought long and hard but it paid off .

It is a very tough decision that you are going to have to make and you have my sympathy , but like I said it is either this or prepare yourself for the likelihood that you may be called in to identify her .

It is time she received a good healthy dose of tough love .

Best of luck to you . My thoughts and prayers are with you .What can a parent do with a 15 yo who refuses to go to school?
I don't know about Texas, but Oregon law says a child must be enrolled and attending school until the age of sixteen. I'm guessing this is probably a nationwide thing. Here teenagers can be arrested for truancy and spend some time in juvenile hall. If you are called into court, let the judge know what is going on, they will probably have some suggestions for you. Have you tried talking to your child about why she refuses to go? If it's something that recently started, she's probably encountered some sort of issue that she needs to talk about. If she runs away for days at a time, call the police. A night in a cell might be all she needs to straighten her out.
you must take drastic action. that little one is out of control.

i am 18 and telling you, so im young too! i would never dream of leaving school. it is totally dumb.

you need to put this kid in boot camp, a centre, a boarding school or have the police escort them to school each day. by law, this child must be in school

me? i would call the cops each morning and have it all arranged with them.
Put the kid in a treatment home/center. My parents had the same issue with my brother (in Colorado). I would think she is having mental illness with the behavior to just be doing whatever she wants. Possibly doing drugs and a ton of other stuff.
Look into placing her in a group home before YOU get into some serious trouble. Talk to a counselor. Get her some help, otherwise you'll end up being the one in trouble, now or later.
you should have smacked her more. then she wouldnt run circles around you
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