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How does a parent help an adolescent who is traumatized by medical procedures to receive the care she needs?

This child is 16 and often loses complete control of herself when faced with medical testing, IV placement, and exams. She fights and refuses to be touched, etc. She wants to get better, but her behavior makes it impossible for the average medical team to deal with her. I wonder if there is some kind of mediator or advocate that can help run interference so that the practioners understand her special needs. We have run out of options with the everyday resources. Thank you for your suggestions.How does a parent help an adolescent who is traumatized by medical procedures to receive the care she needs?
speak toa counseller maybe you canfind the root of the probem to help her - they can also perscribe a seditive if she needs to have anything doneHow does a parent help an adolescent who is traumatized by medical procedures to receive the care she needs?
Mommy love works with younger children. Maybe leave the room and let the team do their thing. I know that can be tough though. I am a mom of 4 children and sometimes let them do as they need to but alone. the staff usually have their own ways of calming these kidoes down a little. Let them give it a shot.
Maybe it would be possible to have a counselor or psychiatrist present during medical procedures? Sometimes it might also be possible to give the patient a mild sedative to calm her before necessary procedures. However, it sounds like she may have a deeper anxiety or panic disorder. Has she seen a psychiatrist? What you are describing sounds like it could be a panic attack. A psychiatrist may be able to teach her techniques to calm down during medical procedures.
Have you tried hypnosis?
At 16 she should be ready to be grown up,if not, maybe you and she should both seek mental help.To loose complete control is different from loosing control completely.If she loses control completely past the age of 7 you definitely haven't done much to help her become an adult.Temper tantrums and refusal to do what is best,can and will get her into a lot of trouble when she has to do it without you around.Logic and knowledge,educate her as to what can happen.Not only prolonged sickness,but if she doesn't grow up then the asylum.They will drug her up soo bad she won't be able to fight,then they'll fix what's wrong.
you could always do what my stepmom did and yell at the child for being sick
call 411 and ask for Hatzola's non-emergency line. if they exist in your area, they should help. it is an organization of religious jews who volunteer and run ambulances for jews and non jews, and are often called first in certain areas because they have ambulances in peoples homes and synogogues and are therefore able to cercumvent traffic. but back to the point. they have many specialized doctors on staff who should be able to help.
You have more problems than just she is uncontrollable. Something from her past is haunting her. That is learned behaviour. It could be a bad experience or possibly molestation becaue she is put in a situation where they are poking at her body and she has no control. Best bet you better get some Psychatric help.
When I found out I had major medical problems, I acted the same way. I was 14. This is really hard for your daughter to go through, and she is probably going through phases of depression. I found a great doctor that explained everything to me. If she is anything like me, this illness is seperating her from her friends, school, and extracuricullars. I would advise seeking a psychologist and taking your daughter there. See if she would be happy to have you there, or if she wanted to so it all by herself. Then, have the psyschiatrist/pscyologist contact your doctors. Have them explain the situation and explain how she feels. The psych. may even be able to explain the importance of these tests and her treatment, maybe better than anyone can. Good Luck!!
If you are the biological parent, then you are the legal guardian. What you say trumps the child. Just drag her to the physicial and get her treated. Believe it or not, she can be MADE to follow your instructions. Contact a councelor at the medical facility who can lend you a councelor and a security guard if necessary.

If you don't get her treated, no court in the world buys the idea that the child simply refused treatment. Parents ARE responsible for their child's well being.
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