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What are highlights of being a parent to three children?

My husband and I are trying considering having another child. We are fiscally able to and physically able to, but we have second thoughts. He works is a professor and is very tied up with work, he feels it would just be more stress on his day-to-day life. We are already blessed with our daughter Olivia Jane (who is 7 and a tap dancer) and our son Matthew Brooks ( who is 14 and a skater - we don't get it either). How does having a third child transform your life, 2 positives, 2 negatives - thanksWhat are highlights of being a parent to three children?
Believe me it is hard to adjust to a new baby but it is a blessing. I had a single child just last year and now I am a proud mother of seven beautiful children. Thankfully (I feel bad saying so) the sextuplets were released from the NICU on different days. First Alexis came home. I could tell Hannah (she was 18 months at the time) was not exactly thrilled but we adjusted as a family. Three days later Colin came home and it was hard to adjust but we again did so as a family. The hardest came two days later when Aaden and Grace came home. I was a little upset that I had to now adjust to these as a group but I was just happy to have my children home. Thankfully a week later Sophia and Michael were discharged and our family of nine was complete. Yes it is hard to adjust but they are your children and you will have your daughter to help you a lot and even your son with a few things. Hope I helped you with your decision.What are highlights of being a parent to three children?
I just had my third, so we're going through the 'new adjustment' phase. LOL So far, the kids love him. My oldest is 5 and is always in my face while I'm nursing so he can see the baby. :) Positives - for me at least - I feel like my family is more complete (although before we left the hospital I was already asking my husband about #4 LOL!). Another positive - they have each other to grow up with and everything once we're gone.

A negative - people perceive a third child as a 'luxury' or something you only do if you're crazy. Two children is perceived as the perfect number of kids, so if you do decide to have another, be prepared for stupid comments and people treating you like you're odd or selfish.

I can't think of another negative - someone said the age gap, which could be a negative but could also be a plus, too. It helps that my children are older and more self-sufficient, and can also help me out, too. Having them close in age doesn't mean they'll get along or be any closer to each other than those aren't close in age.
I have four and mine are all really close ( 6, 5, 3 and 22 months ), so I don't know how much help I will be. I can't imagine life without them now.

A positive for me is that when I take a moment to look at my family I feel complete, I never really had that peace until we had our last one. Another is watching their relationships and interactions with each other, especially since I know how important my siblings are to me as an adult.

Negatives obviously more expensive all the way around, and some days there can be a lot of squabbling going on, but the positives out weigh the negatives a hundred times over!
I have three and wouldn't trade it.

Mine are a lot closer together, so to list out positive and negatives probably wouldn't help you out, as our families are quite different (mine are nearly 6, 2.5 and 1).

The interaction is great - yes, it pulls out more sibling rivalry, but once you've got more than one, it's there anyhow.

Once the third is there, you won't be able to imagine your family without him or her.
I have 3, its just always fun here...always someone to play with for the kids, it hectic as hell but the oldest helps out too. A HELL of a lot more laundry LOL, and money wise it gets insane, but I dont know how to explain it it feels more full and more of a complete family. Sorry if that didnt help...
a positive would be that you have another little angel to raise =)

another positive would be you are brining another life into the world

the negative would be that there would be a pretty big age difference between your first son and the new baby
one more kid to the family wont change much.... But you may have some pretty long nights. Once you have the child i think that all you can do is love him/her. everything is positive from there on out.
someone will have to sit out on the rides at disney land

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