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How old are babies before parent start having babysitters?

How old are babies before parent start having babysitters? Is there a general age?How old are babies before parent start having babysitters?
Some only a couple weeks old, and some never have a babysitter. Depends on the needs and comfort level of the parents whether or not they use a babysitter :)How old are babies before parent start having babysitters?
It is usually when the parent starts to feel comfortable with someone else watching their baby. The general is around 6-8 months old (not counting daycare)
No one watched my son until he was just under a year and even then, it was my mom. No one besides my mom, husband (which doesn't count!), and sister (who is 27 and a mother of 3) have ever watched my kids.
I was just hours old when I was left with a sitter because my mother was rushed back to the hospital the same day we were released with a blood clot in her head.

My oldest son was 6 days old when I left him with his godfather for about hours. I went and had my hair and nails done. it was a gift from his godfather as a baby gift
well mine is almost 2 months and my parents watch him sometimes... but until i get my sister or anyone else to watch im gonna wait until hes about a year old.. right now i think hes to young... but thats my opinion... plus im a first time mom so im nervous
Most daycares will not accept babies until they are 6 weeks old. I think the first time I left my daughter, she was 4 weeks and I left her with my mother in law for a few hours. I had to go back to work when she was 5 weeks old so I was trying to get used to not having her with me and my mother in law is our daycare provider. I've never had to leave her with a babysitter that isn't a grandparent.
My son is almost 2 weeks old, and I'm letting my mom watch him so my husband and I can go out for Valentine's Day. Don't know if you count that as babysitting, but I do!
my daughter was 1 week old and I left her with my mom for 1 hour tops to get shopping done. I wouldnt have trusted anyone else but my mom though until she was around 3 monthes old and then it was only friends and family.

Most day care places are either 6 weeks or 3 months depending on the place
Daycares start accepting babies at 6wks. At that age I never would have left my daughter with anyone. I went back to work opposite shifts as my husband it worked for us.
I so do not mean to sound rude, but my daughter is 5 now, and I never have used a babysitter..

I used to babysit when I was younger and some of the babys were about 5 months.. But these parents trusted me for I was and still am certifed with CPR!!!

So I got paid more money than most others, but for me I am not happy with strangers!! I am the kind of mom, that is just not ready for all that!!
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