Friday, January 15, 2010

How does one stop a parent form spanking her two and a half year old daughter too often?

What advice should be given to the mother?

How could the child learn without spanking her too often?How does one stop a parent form spanking her two and a half year old daughter too often?

If you think the parent is beating the child, then report to CPS, but if the parent is just disciplining the child, it is none of your business.

You can say ';i've seen you beat your child and if i see it again i'm reporting you to CPS!'; that should make her think twice about hitting her.How does one stop a parent form spanking her two and a half year old daughter too often?
Do exactly what Lola said.
You can stop her only spanking her in a similar way as she does to her child .If she wise enough to understand then even by showing this answer to her .
Let her raise her own child, maybe that's the only form of discipline that works with the family. My nephew will completely ignore you until you spank his butt, and hes only 2. Its not hard, and its not abuse, but he gets spanked when he misbehaves. If this is abuse report it, if its not, mind your own business.
I wouldn't butt in if I were you. It's the parents decsion not your's or the child's. You have to respect the way she disciplines her child and if you don't like it, then you should keep yourself away from her.
Adults who have children are not going to listen to someone tell them to stop doing something with the child too much in this case spanking. Since you do not live in the house or are of that family then you may not know the reasons behind that. You can not say anything. But if you fear that there is more to it than just spanking then there are places to go to ask what to do. Since there is not enough information here...I won't advise anything more than keeping yourself out of it.
why not try explaining take a toy, the time out chair or no dessert. repetion is the key. good luck
if you are not the parent, you mind your own buisness. if you are concerned to the point where she isnt a good mother or beating her child, then get CPS involved
tell another parent that a lady is hitting there two and a half baby.. parents cant be that strict that wont listen to others.. she should realize wht she is doingg!! awww.. tht is too harsh for tht lil kid :[
I have to agree, mind your own business. Children don't die from being spanked.

If the child is being beaten, that's a whole different kettle of fish. But unless you know the difference between beating and spanking, I'd advise you to stay out of it.
if it's borderline child abuse, i would report the parent.

however, if spanking is just a disciplinary method, i wouldn't butt in. that's the parent's choice on whether or not to spank.
Same answer I gave you before. Keep your nose out of this.
tell her to stop spanking her and whip her w/ a wire hanger instead!!

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