Friday, January 15, 2010

How can i get my parent to get my drums for Christmas?

I have always wanted to learn the drums. I can teach myself like i taught myself to play piano and guitar. My parents are like thinking about it but what are some good things about drums that i can say that will get my parents to get them?How can i get my parent to get my drums for Christmas?
When i got a guitar for Christmas three years ago the reason I had trouble convincing my parents was because they wanted to make sure that i would stick with it and not just give it up...

you have already proven that you can stick with two instruments (piano and guitar). Remind them that it will be a good investment because you won't give it up after a month of playing, and that it's always a good thing to learn new instruments..

You might have trouble convincing them to get drums because of the noise, though. That's a tough one. Just try to work out a practice schedule that will work for everyone.How can i get my parent to get my drums for Christmas?
Not sure how old you are but you can always march in the band playing the drums...sounds like you are musically talented..why not try going to college on a music scholarship. You never know, I bought a $5000.00 bassoon with those hopes for my son.
Tell them that the drums are good experience for you in case you want to be in a band. Also tell them you will only practice during 'normal' hours. Good Luck!
well try to be on your best behavior. ( it usually helps) or you could try to impress them with one of your musical talents... ;) hope i helped!

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