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What happens if a parent spanks a child and the child instead of crying becomes full of rage?

I know that if someone spanks a child, that the child cries and becomes fearful but what would happen if the child doesn't cry and becomes hateful.What happens if a parent spanks a child and the child instead of crying becomes full of rage?
I think I get them some counseling, and quick. Because they are having some underlying issues (not having to do with the spanking).

I've done many spankings in my time, and never came across a child filled with rage. That is just simply a myth from the anti-spanking religion out there.What happens if a parent spanks a child and the child instead of crying becomes full of rage?
The parent should find an alternate form of discipline that does not inflict pain and introduce more nurturing and positive experiences into the childs life. Otherwise the child will grow into a ';hateful'; adult.
That is a potential danger of spanking. The trick is to figure out what works for your child. Children are not made from cookie-cutters. Some will respond well to spanking. Some will respond indifferently to spanking. Some will respond negatively to spanking. If the child becomes hateful, then spanking is probably not an appropriate punishment for that child. In that case, try something else, and keep trying until something comes along that achieves the desired behavioral result from the child.

Some examples might include:

* positive reinforcement (praising the good behavior and ignoring the bad behavior)

* timeouts (an old standby of many, and highly effective for some)

* assignment of boring tasks or tasks which the child particularly dislikes (probably works better on older children since younger children might not have the necessary attention span to follow through on those tasks)

* ';the look'; possibly combined with a short statement of displeasure from the parent

Thats not an exhaustive list, but it is, I hope, a good start.

Its also quite possible that one or more of these other strategies could yield the same negative behavioral result from the child, so it takes some experimentation to find something that works for both the parent and the child.
Spanking is not right for all kids. My husband quit spanking his son from his first marriage because he would just get angry. Timeouts worked better for him. Also, when a child gets angry easily they need to have help to control their temper or it could affect how they make friend and behave in school.
Hmm, Lets see child is hit and gets angry. The child is filled with rage.

Oh, jeez, thats a tough one, well, why not try another method of other than spanking.

Im pretty sure lots of people would get pissed if they were hit.
Hitting a child is NEVER a good idea.

If spanking worked, you'd only have to do it ONCE.

If they are old enough to be spanked, they are old enough to be spoken too. My god, you should not only be ashamed of yourself, you should pick on someone your own size.

Of course they are angry. they are mimicking your actions.

I would instantly hate you too. Stop abusing that child!!!

its hard to believe that someone would intentional hurt a loved one!!!
Thats what is wrong with the world today kids dont get spanked enough.
Then the parents need to change their tactics, because spanking does not work!

You do not want your children to become fearful OR to become angry do you? That's not the point of discipline is it?

Here is a great website I found recently while researching spanking in public schools I think it's very eye opening.

Especialy the section about what spanking is like from the eyes (and mouths) of children.鈥?/a>
Strangely many use the bible to justify spanking children/teens and yet they ignore where the Bible says do not provoke your children to wrath.

A generally functional family, usually even a teen will accept a well-deserved and age-appropriate spanking -- though certainly will NOT like it in the least -- and will learn from it. I mean, many of us hate the dreaded hairbrush whacking our backside ... but we don't hate the one doing the whacking!

A dysfunctional family, a teen who gets UNdeserved spankings, and so on and so forth -- there is a potential for one or both of the parents getting retribution from the angry, rage filled, hateful teen (or pre-teen).

[We don't have to cry, though, in order to not be filled with rage. Some cry, some don't cry. Some become fearful, some don't. But do watch out for those that become enraged. And try to help those that are fearful.]

they get hit a lot more. if they dont learn anything it means the spanking is 4 the adults anger releasing.
What happens when a child becomes full of rage? They throw a temper tantrum. I don't think that hitting a child is the best method, especially with all the research on the effects of trauma.
than you have problems on your hands

you better get a hold of him/her why they are young or your most likely going to be visiting that child behind bars
I would say the child has a healthy reaction. I would get angry too if someone would spank me. a spank usually doesn't hurt so why cry when I am not hurt?
Well, DUH!!!!!

Where do you think all of the rage and violence in society comes from?

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