Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How would a parent feel if they found out their 14 year old daughter was a bad self-harmer?

How would they feel if they did this, and in the end it resulted in a suicide attempt?

This isn't me. A friend recently attempted suicide and I want to be able to help her and her mom, so it would help if I could get some understanding on their emotions. Thanks.How would a parent feel if they found out their 14 year old daughter was a bad self-harmer?
I couldn't imagine a worse feeling than knowing my child had tried to commit suicide (other than them actually succeeding, of course). Infact, I would possibly even feel more sad over a suicide attempt than I would if he actually did die from a disease or from an accident.

Basically I'd just be so devestated. I would feel really upset that they were feeling that bad that they tried to kill themself. I would also feel really guilty and blame myself. I would be constantly thinking about how I should have realised and helped him them more.

That's good that she's in therapy, I hope that it helps her and that she doesn't ever get to the point where she tries to do it again. How would a parent feel if they found out their 14 year old daughter was a bad self-harmer?
It would break a parents heart to know that their child thinks that their life is that bad where they need to hurt themselves or even attempt suicide. The parents would want to seek help for their child, but some/ a few may not believe it was a real attempt for the kid to harm them self b/c they will be to scared to even let that cross their mind. Your friend needs help, you have a change here to save her, if no one else has sought help and gotten it for this girl, you need to tell someone. If you have started the school year, tell a school counselor. Make sure her mom knows, encourage your friend to tell her if her mom doesn't know, offer to sit by her side while she tells her mom, her parents need to know and she needs professional help before she hurts herself or kills herself.
I've been there. I was sexually molested as a child by a family friend and as a result I suffered from anorexia and I was a severe self harmer. My parents didn't react well at first; my father got angry and my mom got hysterical. But after they calmed down and talked to me they decided the best course of action was to get me into therapy and it has helped. I have not self harmed at all in 2 years and I have been a recovered anorexic for 3 years. I would feel terrible if I found out that one of my children self harmed. But I would be able to share my experiences and help them the best I can. I would be praying for them fervently.

Be supportive to your friend. Listen to her if she needs to talk and help her sort through her feelings and determine what is true about herself and what is not true. Pray for her. I wish her well and she is lucky to have a concerned friend like you.
I would feel like I have possibly missed some signs with my daughter. I would also feel very scared and want to do anything possible to help her through .. anything necessary to help her realize self-harm is never ever the answer.

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