Friday, January 15, 2010

How many presents should a parent give for first birthday?

How many presents should my husband and I get our one year old son for his first birthday? We've already gotten him 8-10 small things, and he's having a large birthday party with no doubt many more gifts expected. Are we doing enough?How many presents should a parent give for first birthday?
Too much. Its more about you than he. Right now it doesnt matter so much since he wont remember but as he grows he will remember say when he is 5 how much he gets so why not minimize? I have friends who can afford many gifts but only let there be about 4 toys out at any one time.

Also, you will find after this party that it is too much stimulation and he may get overtired. There is a saying to have the number of people as the age. In other words when he is 3 have 3 people to the party. Happy Birthday to your little boy.How many presents should a parent give for first birthday?
yes, that is plenty. you're child is only 1-so he won't remember anything. good ideas for first birthdays would be to start a savings account and add money each yr...or get him something he can use for a while-exersaucer, stroller, etc. good luck parenting:)
don't over do it. life isn't about material things, give him something he will love forever or that means alot to you, or just one good old fashion fun toy.
Its really sounds like enough, maybe even too much. 1 yr olds get easily overwhelmed.
That is no doubt - plenty enough. What's funny about 1 year olds is they have more fun with the boxes %26amp; bows than they do the actual toys!! It's so much fun to watch. Also, they don't realize how many presents they are supposed to get at this age so they will be happy with one - It's really all about the parents feelings about giving enough. So, yes you have done well getting 8-10 small gifts. Have fun!
Keep in mind, he/she won't remember it. So stick with what you have.
one from each of you that's it..same for christmas...why spoil him ??
Personally, I think you are doing just fine. He won't be able to count how many gifts you get him -- he will enjoy himself just ripping into them!!

When they are so young, they don't need a fancy party and lots of gifts -- that is more for the parents ( so they can take pictures to show everyone!)

One thing that is fun to take a picture of --- give your child a big piece of cake and just let him do what he wants with it (and have a camera ready) Most kids that age will get really messy! Be sure to put a plastic tablecloth on the fllor under his high chair to catch the mess.

When he is older, he will want a bunch of toys --everything he sees on TV. If you are smart, you will NOT get him everything he asks for. I believe that kids need to know that they don't get everything they want in life all the time.
Sounds like you've already given him enough.

He's only 1 and this sounds like it's getting out of hand.

Maybe you should have a birthday party and say ';no gifts'; - ';just celebrate his birthday with us';.
He's ONE - he's not going to remember this day anyway. What's a one year old going to do with 10 toys along with everything else he's getting from family and friends? Seriously, I would have made the cake and thrown the party - then gotten him anything I felt he needed that guests of the party didn't get him.

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