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How can I ask a parent to get their child to stop touching merchandise?

I work in retail and many times, children come in with their parents and start messing with the merchandise.

How can I ask the parents to watch their children and keep them away from the product without being rude.How can I ask a parent to get their child to stop touching merchandise?
i am a parent of 2 1/2 twin girls and if ever somebody will tell me or to my kids not to touch merchandise in a nice way i will understand and will try to keep my children away from the stuff. just make a little conversation with the kid tellling them not to touch coz the parents will always be there and listen if a stranger talks to their tots and will surely help you if learned that you dont want their kids to touch the stuff.How can I ask a parent to get their child to stop touching merchandise?
i worked retail for 6 years in a few national stores and we were never allowed to say anything for sever than honey don't do that. We were told that saying anything more direct can offend the customer and they could not purchase because of it. Basically we were told if they unfold a shirt or break something it is our job to fix it as if an adult did it. .

Never agreed with the policy much but i understand it

With that said if they were touching breakable stuff i did say something like i am concerne for your child saftey and 9 out of 10 parents understood. If it was a shirt i just said honey leave that please and again 9 out of 10 parents corrected their child. there is allways the one a hole who ignored it and their is nothing i can do about it or started an argument and said how dare i discipline their child
This was a hard one when I was in retail, but I first asked the child not to touch things. If they didn't listen, then I'd say it again loud for the parent to understand that it's a problem. If that didn't work, then I'd firmly but kindly let the parent know that merchandise is not to be touched by children. Your boss may have some more suggestions as well.
When I was a cashier....children would climb all over the rail that divided the crowd into lines...the rails would turn in place and I saw sooooo many children fall and smack their faces on it. I would ask parents again and again...but they are too busy looking around that the don't pay too much attention...

The only thing that worked was saying '; Please, don't do that honey..'; and tell them WHY lol

you could try telling the kid first....if they don't listen tell the parents that any damaged item has to be paid for..and people don't want to spend money they don't have to lol...
Put a sign on the merchandise or say please don't tough that honey or go to the parents and say please don't tough the merchandise they should pick u what your saying and make the kids stop but if that doesn't work say please don't let your kids tough the merchandise
Hang a sign on the front door

';We are very child friendly, but NOT child proof so if we break it we cry your break it you buy.';

Or ';Please ask your children to keep there hands to themselves.';

Either one I think is polite.
Just ask them to please try to keep the kids from touching and that you don't want to make them have to pay for anything that isn't what they wanted to buy, and if it is not broken.

Clearly post it around your shop, ';If You Break it, You Bought It'; and ';Parents are responsible for any merchandise broken by their children';
Well, Ive been in many shops where they have a polite notice in the shop window and in the shop asking if parents would kindly keep all children under control as all damages must be paid for you could try this
Tell the child ';oh honey, please don't do that';

and then the parent will know not to let their kids do that
put up a sign saying

'; if your kids touch it

and break it, or mess it

up, you buy it';

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