Monday, December 28, 2009

What do you do as a parent that goes against the grain of the current parenting trends?

No need to be serious. I like silly, yet honest answers.

Me: I let my daughter rough house with her dad, play with ';boy toys'; and generally be a tom-boy. I basically reject the current trend to make my daughter conform to a very strict ';gender stereotype';. I also chose to go ';old fashion'; and not make my infant use the potty.What do you do as a parent that goes against the grain of the current parenting trends?
i believe children are children who are people. i believe a 3 year old isnt stupid and comprehends things. i give her chores - pick up your toys, put your dishes away, clean up your room. im anti soda. i believe in giving the opportunity to right your wrongs before a discipline action is taken. books are toys. water cakes wont kill anyone.What do you do as a parent that goes against the grain of the current parenting trends?
I expect my children, who are 6 and under, to pitch in and help with chores. Current parenting trends dictate that children are too young to do such things and even up to teenage children, that we need to let them be young and play and never have an ounce of responsibility. My children make their own beds (yes, even the 2-year-old), and they clean up after their own messes (within reason), and they even fold their own laundry (the older two who are 6 and 4). Plus setting the table, clearing the table, helping with the dishes and clearing out the dishwasher, and they even help with the weeding outside. I've been criticized by strangers telling me I'm utilizing slave labor when what I believe I'm doing is teaching my children that life includes hard work and responsibility.
Ha, interesting question! Well, I could say similar with my son! He is 17 months old, he does have plenty of trucks and boys toys as well as unisex toys... but he does also have a pink toy pushchair with a purple doll and a feeding bottle and a teaset, and also a pair of plastic pink barbie shoes that he took a fancy to in a shop! The pushchair and doll is his favourite toy! *waits to be lynched* ;-)

What do you do instead of the potty, if you don't mind me asking? Go straight to the toilet? How does it work? (Just being nosey - I haven't heard of the 'old fashioned' way and am open to new techniques any day!)

Oh and I used to formula feed him, and I didn't (and don't) do CIO, both of which I guess goes against modern trends! Although I know CIO is an old fashioned trend too... it's just been given a new fangled name now as has everything! And he wore and wears disposable nappies as opposed to reusables, which is very much the advice now I hear! Oh and he still has his bedtime bottle and dummy - both of which I'm told he should be off by now!
i believe strongly that kids should have some independence and that we shouldn't be breathing down their necks every second micromanaging their lives. my kids play outside on their own and walk to their friend's houses and have the opportunity to feel bored sometimes and i actually believe all that is doing them a favor.

i also don't think that kids should be driven to do too much too fast, academically or otherwise, and i'm a vocal advocate in my area for things like preserving an option for half-day kindergarten. and i can tell you i'm swimming against the tide.

*most thumbs down by definition wins best answer on this, right?
I let my kids climb on things, jump on the bed, play in the yard alone, and do a lot of things that others would consider ';dangerous.'; I think the current trend in parenting is to be overprotective.

Also, I potty trained my boys at 18 months, whereas it seems the current trend is more like 3-4 years.
I feel I am a pretty normal parent.. I try to let my daughters have as much independence as possible, but still provide a firm set of rules and boundaries. I guess one thing I do that a lot of parents don't is let them have more soda pop than they should, I drink it way more than I should and so do they. Another thing, spanking has declined a lot and I still use that and it has been effective for my girls. Other than that I think I am a pretty normal mom with pretty normal kids
I don't give my 4 yr. old soda, and we eat out more than we should.

Some people get their kids started on sweets and junk drinks way too early, I'm not one of them.

As for fast food, yeah, some weeks we may pick up dinner from Mickey D's more than once. But I also make sure to get her chicken nuggets and either yogurt or apples. So just cuz it's 'fast food', doesn't necessarily mean it's unhealthy.

Also, according to some certain individuals on here, the fact that I formula fed and am not a SAHM are going against current parenting trends.
I think a lot of parents really ';baby'; their kids. You know, if their toddler falls, it's panic %26amp; rubbing %26amp; massaging %26amp; all that but they have no problem leaving them with neighbors or professional nanny. I am very protective of my children. We've never utilized nannies or babysitters unless it was my husbands mother. We are protective in THAT manner but I also teach my kids that they need to learn to pick themselves up if they fall (both metaphorically %26amp; literally). Mommy will always be their to cheer for them %26amp; to help them by supporting them or giving advice but I won't always be around %26amp; when that happens, I believe in them to brush off obstacles %26amp; try again.
I think you're right in there with the current parenting trends. I guess I'd call you typical.

*ETA: I totally read this question wrong. I thought it said ';What do you call a parent that goes against the grain of the cuurent parenting trends?';

What do I do? Let's see, my son plays with toy guns...that's the only thing I can think of right now.
i let my 13 month old son listen to country music and he watchs hannah montanna. people always say they should be listening to little kid music and wtahc little kid shows and he watchs some little kid shows but he doesn't like them as much an a half an hour of hannah montanna isn't going to hurt. as for kid music? he ignores it. country he dances to! i'd much rather see my little boy happy, clapping and bouncing to the music then not even paying attention.
Sort of a serious answer but i know its weird for some parents to accept their kids if they are gay, but I would 100 %. I think people think its weird that I dont care, but i honestly just dont lol doesnt even phase me. I can't say adopting isnt trendy LOL but i still consider it pretty different.
actually what you described goes with current parenting trends

old fashioned parenting has your children play according to gender stereotypes and potty trains children much much earlier then the 'they will when they're ready' current trend.
how would you make an infant use the potty in the first place?

btw, your parenting is modern and with the current trends.
I guess it would be that our kids sometimes call us by our first names, and we don't correct them. Some people consider it disrespectful though, and correct our kids on our behalf !! Then we correct them etc .... lol.

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