Thursday, December 31, 2009

As a parent on a budget how do you save extra money for vacations?

I want to start saving money for a small vacation this summer. What are some good tips to do this. I have noticed that even when putting money into savings, most of it gets switched over to checking at some point so, the banking account doesnt really help us save money. What do you do to save a few hundred dollars for a trip?As a parent on a budget how do you save extra money for vacations?
With change........make yourself a piggy bank........always pay with cash, so you get coin change back.....when you get home, throw your change in the piggy bank.........You would be surprised at how quickly it adds up........I've saved $100 this month just by doing it!As a parent on a budget how do you save extra money for vacations?
Try just getting cash out of your account each week and not using your cards. Then when you buy something, always use paper money and not coins. At the end of the day/week put all the coins in a jug or piggy bank. B/c if they are in the savings account, it will get transfered and used to buy other things. this of course depends on how much time you have before your planning on a vacation. But you'd be surprised how fast it actually adds up.
get a piggy bank and any loose change at all put it in there- i have been dowing this for my son and occasionally putting a dollar or five in there- now that he's almost a year- we have a bout 4 piggy back filled up for him- it may not seem like it but all of that loose change matters, and you never even realize it's there
Put it in a savings account you can't touch. My bank has special accounts for this purpose. You can add but can't take out. I skimp wherever I can, usually on groceries when I buy in bulk and alternate on weeks what I buy.

If I want to save for something I'll find a way!

I've even sold stuff on ebay and let the money sit in my paypal account. Then, once I've collected a few hundred dollars I'll switch it to my bank account.
open up a holiday account that you can not take money out without you and your partners signatures (that way it becomes to hard and you never touch it)

Try save money on shopping/phone bills etc and put this money in the account.

Get the kids on it too..seeing where they can save money ..or they can earn money from you for doing jobs which can go into the savings pool (that way you get two rewards)

Put up pictures/brochures etc around the house/in your purse of where you want to get too. It helps to keep you motivated and less likely to spend extra money. good luck
Maybe a savings account like INGDIRECT.COM. the transfer takes about 2 business days so you must really think about if you need that money or not!!! Also, that way you are not able to access it really quick to buy,,,,say,,,, a new sweater!! haha

We are on a budget too and try hard to save but like you we need it more times then not!!! However, ING does save us from spending ';some';.
We have a huge jar in the kitchen for spare change, and whenever I find change (or bills) in the laundry it goes in there, and when my husband comes homes and empties his pockets he puts his change in the jar.
Dont go on holiday in the first place,..if you can't afford it.

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